Thief Breaks Into 2014 Chevy Volt – Discovers Volt Can Hold Lots of Gear


Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach

2014 Volt Comes in Two New Colors

2014 Volt Comes in Two New Colors

“Between midnight and 5:45 a.m. March 3, a thief broke into a 2014 Chevy Volt parked in the 1300 block of S. Gertruda and sneaked away with a surfer’s and techie’s delight. Stolen were two surfboards, two wetsuits, four sets of surf fins, an iPad, a computer monitor converter, a wireless router and prescription sunglasses.”

That’s a heck of a lot of gear packed into a Chevy Volt, which to us proves the versatility of the Volt’s hatchback design.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that this Volt was targeted by a thief, especially in upscale Redondo Beach—one of the three Beach Cities located in Los Angeles County, California—but what caught our attention was that two surfboards (along with lots of other stuff) fit into the Volt, a vehicle that’s often described as having tight quarters within.

On the bright side, the Chevy Volt wasn’t stolen and nobody was injured, but the moral of the story here is to not leave your valuables in plain sight, so perhaps something like this VoltShelf is a worthwhile addition if you own a Volt.

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I frequently see people complain about the cargo space in the Volt, but it’s the most spacious car I’ve ever owned. My previous cars were all sedans, the largest being a Buick Century, and I can haul more in the Volt than any of those other cars. I think the way that cargo space is measured only takes into account theoretical volume, but doesn’t take into account real-world use. You may be able to fit more packing peanuts into the back of car X, but I drove home with a full-size Christmas tree in the back of my Volt (hatch closed).

Agree… there are silly rules about how they are allowed to measure, report, and compare cargo volume. These often have poor correlation to how useful the space in a particular car is (or isn’t), especially in a hatchback.

I can fit 2 hockey sticks, a giant hockey bag, and an additional backpack with plenty of room to spare, in the back of my Volt. No complaints here.

I can fit my mother-in-law.

lol +1

Its likely the surf boards were visible to the thief, and that is why it was targeted.

Maybe it’s because I’ve owned hatchbacks my entire life, but I don’t think that’s very much gear. The two surfboards, stowed on their side longitudinally in the car between the two rear seats, leaves plenty of room for wetsuits and fins on one side or the other. The rest of the stuff takes up almost no room.

Now, 55 gallon drums in the back of an i-MiEV…

lol, AWESOME, try putting those in a volt!!

Easily done

I just took a couple measurements. The Volt can hold two easily, and three with a little pressure. 🙂

Uh…. what’s in those drums?


He found the guys who stole the surf boards and took care of the problem 🙂

You win, those two 55 gal drums beat the dishwasher and tools I moved in my i-MiEV. I’ll have to make sure the kids and the dog are along next time.;)

“Stolen were two surfboards, two wetsuits, four sets of surf fins, an iPad, a computer monitor converter, a wireless router and prescription sunglasses.””

Really? You can fit the same in a Spark EV or a Mini Cooper!

That’s a poor way to try and s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth about a “Compact” car. Other than the Surfboards, you can fit the rest in the list in the front seat of ANY CAR!


So you’re saying that if you took out the two biggest items, any other car could hold the rest? What point does that make?

Ignore him.

He is a “repeat Volt hater”…

Plenty of L X W cargo room in the Volt, so unfortunately it won’t restrict you from buying too much at Costco. Looks like Aaron’s would hold 1 more 55 gallon barrel though, for what that’s worth.

I have always driven hatchbacks and found that the Volt trunk is not that big. Of course, it still better and more versatile than a sedan.
It does offer a lot more space than the cmax energi trunk which appears to be twice as big based on just the specsheets.

I started a thread on about “Urban Camping” in your Volt. It was just a thought I had, but I guess a lot of people have done it successfully. I still haven’t tried it yet.


Okay, isn’t it about time to digitally torch that picture of the rainy Volt hatch? LOL 😉

I hear your a webmaster now…talk to us about the rigors of maintaining original pictorial content for front page thumbnails after about 5,000 news stories, 😉

I know, I have carried few sheets of plywoods that is 40″ x 50″…

I have also fitted plenty of Costco trips without any problems…

Took trip to nfl football game with 4 people riding. I’m the hatch area had 2 suitcases, folding patio cover tent thing, 4 folding camp chairs, a 5ftx3ft folding table, 15 inch flat screen tv, and a portable grill, and a cooler…all in the volt hatch.

I take my son to surf every morning for his PE class in high school. I’ve managed three surf boards, three teenagers, three backpacks, towels and a computer bag, with the hatch closed and me driving. I’ve also managed a complete Gretsch Catalina Jazz drum kit with all hardware and cymbals along with a Bose Model IIS P.A. system plus gig bags with room for me and a passenger. My Fiat 500e however can handle only two boards on a roof rack along with two teens and their gear. Haven’t tried the drums/P.A. yet! probably one or the other, or no passenger!

One thing I couldn’t fit in the back of a Volt was two kids and my 10″ telescope. That’s 10″ wide, of course. It’s about 5 feet long, and in order to fit it into the cargo space of anything smaller than an SUV, you need to fold down a back seat. That, and the base doesn’t even come close to fitting in the trunk.

So we got a Leaf. 🙂

pfft my outlander once fit
a table
a tv [32 inch} cound fit a lot more
a lot of boxes
and a lot of other stuff
table is 77cm tall 69 deep and 155 cm long or so
with and extra bit that is 60 cm in diameter