The Toyota i-Road Comes To Congress To Play – video



The "Suits" Take A Break From Congress In The Toyota i-Road

The “Suits” Take A Break From Congress In The Toyota i-Road

We are not quite sure why, but we really love the Toyota i-Road around the office.

Perhaps its the quasi-futuristic vibe, or the fact that everyone knows it is a wildly impractical car, suited only for perhaps Japan and a few highly dense/smog ridden cities around the world; yet here it is, in production (albeit on a limited basis).

Toyota’s 3 wheeled, 1 seat creation (it lost a seat when it hit production) has now come to Washington, and some Congressman took it out for a spin … and by out we mean inside in the lobby.


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It is a cute niche vehicle but I don’t like these things getting much attention. It seems like Toyota is intentionally trying to mock the concept of electric vehicles with gimmicks like this.

Seems like it… Makes me wonder why they don’t make some funky Hydrogen Scooters and FCNEVs, instead? 😉

There is nothing better for a real city than a Twizy or this trike.

And for intercity, it is already often a little bit stupid to drive rather than taking a high speed train.

It’s adorable and I like the idea for what this car is based on, the short 2, 5 or 10 minute walk between the train or bus station to the office and back again. But we already have something for that, it’s called a fold-up bike (and cycle-sharing scheme).

I wish I had such enthusiasm for it, just as much for the Renault Twizy! But I really can’t. Still, almost everyone seemed to have walked away from the Twizy, it only had less than a year of limelight in 2012. Every Renault Z.E. had to be honest.

This will keep you out of the elements.

Raincoat and umbrella makers will weep…