Watch Tesla Model 3 Get Tested By Phil’s Morning Drive

MAR 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Here is one of the best Tesla Model 3 reviews both on quality and essential form, from Phil’s Morning Drive.

Tesla Model 3 (source: Phil’s Morning Drive)

The blue Model 3, with custom wheels, looks gorgeous, especially in this scenery.

Phil’s Morning Drive explains – I got a chance to test out the 2018 Tesla Model 3 and find out if it lives up to the hype – and he seems to love the car.

The car drives excellent, handling is tight, and it’s sporty. There are three highly varied steering modes – Comfort, Standard,¬†and Sport.

Ride comfort is not on par with the Model S or Model X, but it’s a different and more affordable car, even in this top-of-the-line, fully-equipped version.

Phil’s advice is to forget the $35,000 price announcement, as there is no Model 3 available for anywhere near that price (at least not now).

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Front seats were deemed outstanding. Rear seats not so much, due mainly to the lack of headroom. So, be the driver, not the backseat passenger

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Those wheels are not custom. They are the wheels that are under the aero covers.

Custom wheels? I dont think those are custom wheels. Looks like they are the standard aero wheels but with the aero cover removed, which is an option. It is the turbine wheels you have to pay extra for IIRC.

may/might not be on par, is not on par.
Almost anything else, besides the chosen phrase, would have been better..
It’s the video generation.

No full screen?? Way to invite me to leave the site and view it on YouTube. Perhaps this is outside of your control, but if not, please make sure video can always be maximized. Portrait viewing on my phone isn’t tempting, and nor really is having to fiddle with orientation lock.

A certain type of embed is making that happen on some devices, whereas others are allowing full screen. We’re fixing the issue. Thank you!

Another Euro point of view

The sound proof has to be flawless in an electric car due to absence of engine noise, I don’t know how this guys speaks usually but here he seems to make efforts in trying to cover wind and road noises while he speaks.

That isn’t what it sounds like. It sounds like he is far from the mic and his voice has a slight eco, probably due to the open interior.

Yes the screen is great thing but try using it when it is -20 C outside. It won’t work. Tried it on new Volvos…

That’s why you use it inside where it’s +20C….lol
Volvos and Teslas are not the same you know.

People have used Tesla touchscreens in colder than -20C.

On the highway this morning, I saw my first model 3. From the rear, it looks more like the model X than it does the Model S. Nice looking car.