The Smoking Tire – Chevy Volt Wind Buffeting Fixed – Video


Chevy Volt Wind Buffeting Fix

Chevy Volt Wind Buffeting Fix

“Matt loves his daily driver 2013 Chevrolet Volt, and in his original review, the only complaint was extremely loud wind buffeting with the windows lowered. Chevrolet has a fix for that, and Matt had it installed, so does it work? YES!”

This video shows (with audio) the before and after of the Chevy Volt’s wind buffeting fix.

The wind buffeting that plagues the Volt can be remedied with an optional (free) fix, but it will impact efficiency, even if only ever-so slightly.

So, it’s up to you to decide if quiet is worth the decrease in efficiency.  The fix does work, as is clearly evident in the video above, but if the noise never bothered you, then perhaps eliminating it just isn’t something you’re interested in sacrificing some efficiency for.


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George Bower

Had no idea about this fix.
Good article.
I’ll pass though.

Martin Tesar

Your one lucky dude, I can imagine only
how nice it must be to drive the Volt with the windows down.

(This annoys me on my Volt and yes the buffeting it real bad.)

Lucky your in the states and they offered to do it – WOW… Here in Australia 🙂

Mark Hovis

Another note. It is free under 30,000 miles. I had this done to mine early and it was free. I tried to do the same for my brother’s used Volt and it was cost prohibitive.
Curious how this will be on the 2016?


I had mine done soon after getting my Volt back in 2012 as i am a smoker and i always drive with my windows down. It was done under Satisfaction Program. Get in touch with your Volt Advisor to get it done for free.
My dealer quoted me for about $500 if i had to pay for it including parts, paint and labor.
I also got the Weathertech windows wind deflectors witch also help.
This is not unique to the Volt, my friend had an Equinox and had the same problem.


I have an INSIGHT, and yes, wind buffeting if only the front windows are down, But, crack the rear windows and the noise goes away.

Doesn’t lowering the rear windows stop this on the Volt?


Well, if i remember right, above 70kl/hr, no.
And the wife complained about this a lot, she’s very sensible and she still gets annoyed with the mod today but only at higher speeds.
Yes, with the back windows down, it helps a lot but it does not eliminate the buffeting completely at highway speeds but it’s tolerable.

Thomas J. Thias

With both front windowa down, loweing the rear windows 2″ each side elimimates this wind buffeting past 80 Mph.


Thomas J. Thias



Intuition tells me this is a better solution. Not only does it stop the buffeting, but I believe it’s more aerodynamic. Another benefit in rainy Washington is ability to roll down the window when the interior is fogging up or you just want to crack the window a tad for some ventilation – Like when your kid had the cream of broccoli soup AND the chili!

Made In USA.


Hope the 2016 Volt doesn’t have this issue. It seems somebody in the wind tunnel dept. forgot that people like to drive with windows open at times….

I want a 2016 Volt. I think I’d add the Weathertech window deflectors I linked to above in that car too.


Got mine done this week. Little cold out to test though 🙂