The Numbers Are Finally In – EV Sales Set All-Time European Record in October


Tesla Model S is a Hot Seller in Much of Europe

Tesla Model S is a Hot Seller in Much of Europe

Compiling plug-in vehicle sales data for Europe is an arduous task.  We often get this info on a country-by-country basis and present it in that way.

Nissan LEAF Continues to Top Most European Sales Charts

Nissan LEAF Continues to Top Most European Sales Charts

Seldom do we see the EV sales numbers for all of Europe compiled as a whole and, when we do, it’s often a month or two behind.

Such is the case here as Eagle Aid is presenting EV sales data for Europe for the month of October (yes, we know, it’s now December and we’ve already reported on sales for some European countries for November).

According to Eagle Aid, more than 4,000 plug-ins were sold in Europe in October.  That figure sets a single-month record for Europe (perhaps it’s already been beaten by November’s results, though we can’t confirm that yet).

As a comparison, in the US, we calculate that 9,660 plug-ins were sold.

Eagle Aid additionally says that EV sales were up in 10 out of the 15 reporting West European countries and that registrations in both Norway and Germany more than doubled in October, as compared to September.

Let’s hope this sales growth trend continues in Europe, as the continent has a lot of catching up to do if it seeks to be in-line with the US.

Source: Eagle Aid

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With so many languages it’s very hard to follow European sales.

4000 out of how many overall car sales in Europe though?
I know Europe has twice the population of the US, but we buy more cars per-capita as them.

Sales in EU in October were 1.04 million.
Same as the average for the first 10 months of the year.
So, more than 0.4% EV share.

Thanks. It looks like in the US, in October, 1.2 million vehicles, and plug-ins had a 0.8% market share.

It’s about 12 millions per year. The biggest market is Germany , but they have no gov. support for EV’s. Probably waiting the domestic automaker to start building some.

I looked at the past data on this and other sites and, as I seemed to remember, actually EV sales in Norway were higher in September than in October (1,092 and 925 respectively) (that’s not considering used imports, but that would not make much of a difference anyway).
So, I don’t know where Eagle Aid got that from, Eric.
Germany indeed saw a big increase, instead.

But the great news is that in November, in Holland and Norway alone EV sales were at 6,000!
More than 4,500 and 1,434 respectively (InsideEVs). And actually the figure for Norway doesn’t include the (usually very few) PHEVs sold there (about 38 the previous month).

We’ll see how EVs have fared in other European countries, but if they stay on October levels, we would have about 1,500 in France and about 1,000 in Germany. That is, about 8,500 in these 4 countries. Adding a few hundreds from the other countries (especially Denmark, I believe), we might be up to something historic: the first month when EV sales were higher in Europe than in US! (They’ll certainly be not very far from each other, in any case)
Isn’t that exciting?

Oh… and it should mean a 100% or so increase over October!

…and I see that all the #s are finally in for US in November.

Good job squeezing that last one out of Smart! They should have been more eager to publicize it, given that it’s the first time they took spot #3 among BEVs, after Leaf and Tesla S.

If Smart keep to their timeline of expanding nationally in early 2014, they might well be the next EV to start approaching 4-figure monthly sales.

November is solidly 3rd best in 2013 – and better than any month in 2012!

Do we have any insight these days as to the amount of Opel Amperas being made at Hamtramck?

I know it’s not a lot, but I sure miss those production reports GM used to release.

Couldn’t tell you an actual number anymore, but it is (relatively) insignificant. When GM stopped reporting production they didn’t even have any current year models running. Just as a WAG, I wouldn’t put 2013 production any higher than 2500 units.