Nissan LEAF Sales Up 118% In February

MAR 3 2014 BY JAY COLE 18

2014 Nissan LEAF Sales Continue To Tower Over 2013 Results - At Least For One More Month

2014 Nissan LEAF Sales Continue To Tower Over 2013 Results – At Least For One More Month

For the past year, Nissan has been up against some very low sales comparables on the LEAF thanks to restrained exports out of Japan in the year prior that had also seen the car’s base price balloon to $35,200 due to an upside down Yen-USD currency trade.

Next Month The Nissan LEAF Will Begin "Apples-To-Apples" Comparisons As US Production Turn One

Next Month The Nissan LEAF Will Begin An “Apples-To-Apples” Comparison As US Production Turns One

Those issues ended with US production of the LEAF kicking off last March – along with the introduction of a $6,000 cheaper “S” trim level being introduced  (2014 MY LEAF now priced at $28,980 – details).

The result?  Nissan has now bested the year’s prior number 12 months in a row.

Which also means February 2014 is Nissan’s last “gimmee” month for sales, as they easily trumped the 653 sold in February 2013 by a fair margin with 1,425 sold this year – up 118.2%.  Last month, Nissan sold 1,252 LEAFs – which was up 92.6% over 2013’s result.

Nothing like restocking Atlanta to get those sales going again…as the city returned to Nissan’s “top 5 markets” list at number 2.

March of 2013 Marked The New Standard For EV Sales In The US - It Now Makes Those Year-Over-Year Comps A Lot Harder To Best

March of 2013 Marked The New Standard For EV Sales In The US – It Now Makes Those Year-Over-Year Comps A Lot Harder To Best

For the year Nissan has sold 2,677  against 1,303 at this point in 2013 – good for a 105.4% increase.

“With a full year of monthly sales records for LEAF, we continue to identify opportunities to further drive sales growth. We’re adjusting our mix to match popular models to the right markets.  We amped up advertising in the latter half of February, which already has resulted in an uptick in sales and a significant increase in shopping traffic. We expect to see that momentum continue in March.” – Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of EV Sales and Marketing.

Continuing these year-over-year percentage improvements is now statistically impossible as Nissan sold 2,236 LEAFs in March of 2013 – which is about half of the plug-in Nissans available on dealership lots at the moment.  Still we hope for continued improvements throughout 2014.

Top 5 Nissan LEAF markets in February:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Atlanta
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Seattle
  5. Portland

Random fact of interest: 50% of in-stock inventory is the inexpensive “S” trim

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Make it look less baggy / bug-eyed and double the range. Nissan could beat Tesla at it’s own game against their gen III model…

Nissan really needs to just make their Infiniti EV already. Bigger battery (I think 1.5x range is enough for now), much better performance (150-200 kW motor please), and nicer styling. Even if they cut corners on the interior, I’d pay $40k for that, unless Tesla blows me away with their next gen reveal.

I’m guessing at least half of those “S” are really “S+charge package”.

Overall, not too shabby given it’s a 28-day month, and the bad weather continuing back East. Seems to far, not too much fallout from Atlanta’s snow catastrophe. I was envisioning at least a couple of Leafs running out of charge in those day-long traffic jams there, but haven’t seen any news stories mentioning that.

Seems like they’ve finished the first 12 months since full-scale Smyrna-based sales, at just about 24k units – an even 2k per month.

Also seems like March is the test month to beat. No doubt if they fail to substantially improve over 2013 the media vultures will be waiting with their “EV Doom and Gloom” storylines.

Yes, the window of easy comparables has definitely closed.

March will be tough to beat the 2,236 – as that was the ‘demand wave’ month for first month of new/cheaper LEAF a year ago. Really March is still one of the late winter/Q1 dogs days for plug-in sales overall.

You can see how it went for Nissan after the first month of high demand – 1.9k (Apr), 2.1k (May), 2.2k (June) . Ramping nicely into the summer…until inventory ran out.

Normalized, I would say Nissan would be up against a demand comparable of something like 1,600-1,700 units for next month.

What I’m wondering about this is when they reach the end of March will they be building 3000 to 3500 cars a month to surpass the sales numbers of March. In that if they can’t do this then it won’t happen in terms of doing better then the year before.

Go Leaf.

For the Tesla thing, I suspect you are always going to see Carlos underprice Tesla. Nissan just has more manufacturing power.

You know I really like the monthly sales stats and appreciate the work Insidevs does each month to gather and report them, but the headlines choices that focus on the % increase/decrease from a previous year’s month really make me cringe.

If GA changes incentive law, you can see that LEAF sales drop below 2013 level….

Once the California Green HOV stickers run out, Volt, Energi, PIP sales will drop even farther…

If people only buy plug ins for state tax credits and HOV stickers, why is Portland a top market despite having neither?

Portlant and WA are green but neither is top three….

Those two regions alone will NOT be enough to lift the entire EV sales.

You’re hurting your point. Portland isn’t a big city — just 24th nationally among U.S. metro areas. The fact that it is higher than so many larger cities shows we should be optimistic for increased sales, not pessimistic. There was a point where recycling wasn’t mainstream and some communities caught on before others. Probably ones you might call “green”. Does that mean everyone there was onboard in the first communities whereas in the later ones no one was? Of course not. You just had a little better % of people willing to care enough to try something new in the ones that earliest adopted. There are plenty of cities its size and larger that could outsell Portland. Again, its not like 100% of the people in Portland care more about the environment than Denver, Raleigh, Austin or D.C. I’ve lived in some of those places too and people really aren’t all that much different. You have people that care in all those places, but just a little higher percentage in Portland that are happen to care enough that they are willing to be early adopters. Back in 2010, it was much more important to have people that cared enough to… Read more »

We shall see.

GA contributed major portion to the total LEAF sales in 2013 and so far it is doing the same in GA. Most of the buyers in GA aren’t exactly doing it for “green” reason. They did it b/c it was FREE car.

Many of the CA buyers bought Prius Plugin b/c it is the cheaper car available with Green Carpool sticker. Some Volt owners did the same. Without those perks, both sales will drop some after the summer.

Yes, we shall see. They only need to average 1884 cars a month to beat last year and they can do that even if Atlanta’s net sales are less. Its not like Atlanta will fall off to nothing if this credit disapears. There are reasons to buy besides green or cheap. There are many plug in buyers in Portland that didn’t buy for being “Green”. But, lets say people in Portland are twice as likely than average to buy due for environmental reasons — that generalization is meaningless considering how many cities have 2 times (or more) the number of people. I’d be more persuaded by what you said if the supply was not finite, and the marketing effort and inventory allocation was equalized according to population. Neither has been or is true. Nissan has focused on selling what they are able to make in key markets, which is smart. Atlanta sales can still have a net decrease and they can still more than make up for it in the 98+% of the population outside that metro area. Yank the federal credit, and the story would be different — That one puts it into the game. Once it is there… Read more »

advertise? you are kidding, right?
there is a great nissan ad with five new models zoom all around
would kill them to throw a LEAF Inthe mix. so many people i mee
have never heard of the LEAF. The I3 had print ads in Time

Where are you?

I see and hear plenty of ads for the Leaf. I’ve seen some on TV. When I listen to morning edition on public radio, they tell me the program was brought to me by support from listeners along with the Nissan Leaf. If I change to the sports radio station I hear Nissan Leaf commercials there. In our company break room every Friday the local paper has several dealers advertising specials on Leaf S’s. I see and hear more commercials for the Leaf than any other Nissan model. I’ve seen that Nissan ad you are talking about too, but the Leaf should not be in that one. It is not a new model. Those other models are new or recently redesigned.

It must depend on where you live. My hunch is that as they are able to produce more they will bring more advertising and inventory to other places.

I once saw one pop up at the opening of a youtube video once.

yeah, Im in NY. i guess my point is that if youa
want these numbers to grow, LEAF must be a national
car,,not just a s
outhern or california car.
the dealers here dont even put them inthe newspaper

Thanks that was my hunch. If they can consistently produce more each year they should be able to expand their marketing efforts to new places.