New Nissan LEAF Set To Smash Sales Record In Norway This Month

MAR 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

The month of March 2018 will be one to remember in Norway with the new Nissan LEAF shooting for the all-time sales record.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan already set a new record in February, as 781 new LEAFs were registered.

However, preliminary data shows that, in the first 19 days of March, a whooping 1,191 LEAFs were registered!

With one-third of the month to go, the final result could be 1,500 or so, we believe.

That’s even more than the Tesla Model S record of 1,493 in March 2014 and the Tesla Model X record of 1,429 in December 2017.

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We are surprised that the Nissan LEAF is reaching a high sales level so quickly, but that’s what happens when a new LEAF is sold in Europe every 12 minute.

More than 20,000 LEAFs were already sold/ordered in Europe. Nissan delivered only one quarter of those orders so far.


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Range, range, range? The 3018 Leaf is DOA? Anyone care to defend those?

The 3018 Leaf can go to Mars in about 5 hours. It will be a big hit.


But the original Tesla will reach Mars first. New meaning to the term fast follower.

I am rapidly approaching 100.000 miles in my 2013 Leaf, using it as my only car. Sometimes I have range issues, but the new Leaf effectively has double the range of my old one, so it definitely is good enough for even more people than the old model.

The US and Australia are probably the only countries in the world where the LEAF has insufficient range.
Most other developed countries either just aren’t that big or have much better mass transit.
But even in the US or Australia almost every family with more than one car (a pretty common scenario) would be completely fine with the current range.

Sweden here and the Leaf has insufficient range. Works great as a second car though.

But soon the cars are starting to come that could possible work as first (or only) car. I’d expect 250 mile real world range in winter and at least 100 kW continuous charging to 80%.

At 350 miles winter range and 200 kW charging I’d stop looking for more (I think).

Sensible answer. Long-distance driving is boring as batsh**- excluding those with the intellect of a bat.

The Nissan Leaf is the EV to buy. It is incredible good value.

+1. Especially when you can take advantage of the 0% interest rate and the $7,500 tax credit.

Great news. Few people ever drive over 50 miles a day anyways. Great buy. I hope to see millions of LEAFs and 3s and Bolts and I3s on the roads soon.

Maybe in 10 years I’ll feel compelled to upgrade my 2012SL LEAF. I live in Alabama, I’m happy we are ahead of Mississippi and Arkansas when it comes to EV adoption.


Already at 1.329 Leaf’s – so we most definitely will reach new record levels!👍

Wednesday next week will be the last registration day though, before the Easter holiday sets in.

There are also an additional 35 “Nissan Leaf 40kWh” at 😛

It’s a shame that a few days goes missing for registrations. With those the Leaf could have set an almost impossible record to break.

Only a massive shipment of the Model 3 could ever threaten that. In a year or two the sales will be so much more diverse that one model can’t do that kind of impact.

1496 and counting…
– 21.March

The Nissan Leaf will be in the top ten of the monthly sales charts in Japan later in 2018.

5,000 Nissan Leaf sales in 1 month really is possible in Japan.

Charging infrastructure is great in Japan (more than 7,100 Chademo chargers).

Where does Nissan manufacture the Leaf cars sold in Norway? Are they coming from Japan or Sunderland, UK? I would hope UK, but you never know.

Don’t know, but I’d be very much surprised if it’s Japan. Shipping is much cheaper & quicker from UK — shorter time means being able to react better to demand changes.
Also, at least until Brexit takes hold, I’d expect there’d be less red tape and paperwork from a UK plant (yes, I know Norway is in EFTA, not EU, but the two organizations are very closely aligned).
I expect having a factory in each of the three major markets makes a lot of sense for Nissan.

From the UK. Send them on a train through channel tunnel

Thought it was a car carrier (large RORO ship), to Drammen harbour.

Far beyond 1500… Maybe even 2000+
1364 Leafs registered so far in March (Tue 20th).

I sounds like 2000 is in sight.

Second hand imports are also stated in that number. So probably a couple hundred less newly registered 2018 LEAF.

Just checked, new 2018 registrations stand at:

1214 New registrations
116 Import registrations

1330 total in march until march 20th

So yeah, quite a lot.

I just test drove the 2018 Leaf in Florida and came away very impressed. Looks so much better inside and out than its predecessor and I love the E-Pedal. The range is a little to short for me, but the 60 Kwh version will fix that later this year. I can see why this one is flying off the shelves in Europe and Japan and I think the US will be no different.


No surprise, the true first mass-market EV on a global scale was the Leaf – and it remains so with the Leaf 2.

Nissan currently is the only car company with EVs produced in 3 factories globally (4 if you include the e-NV200 in Spain).

Nissan delivers what Tesla promised…

PS: And that’s “just” the current 40 kWh version already selling in record numbers in many countries – the 60 kWh version will achieve the same in the U.S. and other countries with longer (average) driving distances.

Once again: The new Nissan LEAF delivers what the $TSLA Model3 promised.

Except for battery thermal management and its associated longevity. And anything resembling a supercharger network (which it couldn’t use even if it existed, according to reports).

And I’m a fan of the Leaf. :-\

But thanks for trolling two cents anyway,
“Tesla For The Future”. Ha!