The Mouse Goes Electric – Plug-In Charging At Disneyland

FEB 12 2014 BY JAY COLE 30

Thirty Charging Stations Are Now Live At Disneyland - 20 Of Which Can Be Found In The Main Parking Garage

Thirty Charging Stations Are Now Live At Disneyland – 20 Of Which Can Be Found In The Main Parking Garage

Plug-in car infrastructure has come to Disneyland, as the company has announced twenty charging stations have recently been installed and gone live this month.

Parking At Disney Gets A Boost

Parking At Disney Gets A Boost

The units are in connection with ChargePoint and have been installed in the “Mickey & Friends” parking structure to be used for those guests with electric vehicles.

“Guests can begin using them today by scanning their ChargePoint card or by easily registering for a free ChargePoint account at the charging station, or online at”

Personal Note:  Being the unselfish editor-in-chief that I am here at InsideEVs, I would like to mentioned that myself (along with my family) recently boarded a plane and tirelessly flew to Disneyland (with no thought to my own well being) recently to see these units, and can confirm their existence.

It is interesting that Disney has chosen to team up with ChargePoint rather than going it alone; as potential users of this service will now have to pay for the use of the stations.  The posted rate is 35 cents per kW hour, for a minimum charge of $1.50; you might think they would have opted to make this a free service considering the $16 one pays (or in this case InsideEVs pays) to use the facility as you visit their theme parks.

“The Disneyland Resort is now home to one of the largest collections of public EV charging stations in Southern California,” said Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint. “We are excited to help the Disneyland Resort become EV ready and have such an iconic destination in our EV charging network. ChargePoint is the nation’s largest EV charging network with more than 15,000 locations.”

Disneyland Can Now Accommodate Electric Vehicles On Level 1 Of Their Parking Garage

Disneyland Can Now Accommodate Electric Vehicles On Level 1 Of Their Parking Garage

Disney has also put in an additional 10 charging points for cast members (that’s employees in English) to use at the resort, as well as  some limited charging through Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa valet service.

Walt Disney World in Florida also has plans to unveil “a few” charging stations later this year.  Note: I have already committed to visiting these stations on behalf of InsideEVs in late September/early October – all for the benefit of InsideEVs readers.

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What about Disney World?

Will be some stations at WDW in the fall

…and as mentioned in the article I have already sacrificed and set aside a couple weeks of my time later in the year to really check out these machine to ensure they are safe for others to use.

Frankly, I’m totally OK with the rate that Disney is charging to use the stations, as it will hopefully encourage people to park there who actually need/want to charge keeping spaces open for people who need it.

Though it was reported that a Model S was parked there last week without plugging in. At the very least right now there are plenty of plugs to go around, it will be interesting to see how this holds up as the busy season approaches.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Indeed, though it’d be nice to have $1.50 knocked off the fee for plugins, I don’t imagine that’d be easy to deal with at the gate.

Still, having a cost component will help keep those spaces free of cars sticking around after they’re done charging.

OK, I’m confused. How does a fee to use the ChargePoint keep people from parking there and not charging?
As far as I can tell, there is no surcharge on the parking spot, only on the use of the EVSE (with a minimum charge of 4+ hrs)

I’m tempted to say that if you park there w/o charging then they should tow you but some jerks that don’t own the EV could be the ones unplugging the cars. Hmmm.

Doc, I think they mean it’s a $1.50 minimum charge when using the ChargePoint.

The stations are charging by amount of energy dispensed ($0.35 / kWh), not by time, so there is no incentive to move your car after it’s done charging.

That is fine as who wants to schlep all the way out to the parking lot to move their car in the middle of a day at Disneyland?

Parking lot attendants do direct people to the spots specifically, so hopefully that keeps people from parking there without charging.

I think 35 cents per hour is quite reasonable.

It’s $0.35 / kWh, not per hour.

Which, being a bit over current retail prices for electricity (at least during peak times and about double off-peak rates), should be enough to discourage people from using them unless they need them.

Cool. Theme parks are GREAT place to put Level 2 chargers. You can drive there from a long distance, charge up all day while enjoying the park, and then leave with a full charger.

The rate shown at the ChargePoint app or website is .35 cents per kilowatt hour! No wonder the Model S driver decided to NOT plug in! At 240 volts and 30 amps, the 7.2 kW per hour charge for a Model S would be $2.52 per hour! (A Model S driver could reduce their amperage to as low as 5 amps for a cheaper per hour cost.)

A Volt needing a full charge will use 12 kWh. At $4.20 for the 12 kWh, the charge stations will be enjoyed by those who really need the power and are happy to pay.

I wonder if any of the EV drivers are still able to plug-in to a few free 120 volt outlets that previously were used for charging in the Mickey and Friends parking structure?

$0.35 / kWh is quite reasonable for peak time charging in California.

Yeah, a charge will cost about the same or a bit more than gas in a PHEV. Hopefully that’s not the only reason you bought that PHEV.

That’s great if Tesla guy doesn’t want to charge . . . but don’t take up the charger spot if you are not going to charge.

“I would like to mentioned that myself (along with my family) recently boarded a plane and tirelessly flew to Disneyland (with no thought to my own well being) recently to see these units, and can confirm their existence.”

Tax write-off! 😉

I was at Disneyland earlier this year, and its nice to see them install chargers. The problem though, I wouldn’t want to leave the park and take the shuttle to the parking garage to unplug my car after the 4 hours its charged. At places where you’re going to stay all-day, unless you’re filling up a Tesla on 220V/15A, its better to have a valet or someone move the car when its done charging.

+1 on that idea, was going to suggest the same. They could charge more cars that way, as most people are inside the park for at least 10 hours.

If I only wanted to “top-off” my Volt, will I stop getting charged once I’m fully-charged?

Yes, so even if you are tapped you are going to max out at just over $4.00 @ 35 cent per kWh. But minimum of $1.50.

Thanks Jay!

No problem, (=

…if you need me to go back and double check, that’s no problem either, (=

I’ve never had reason to doubt you before…..

That works perfectly for my Rav4EV since I live 95 miles away. I have used the 110V outlets along the wall and received dirty looks from the attendants. I also tripped a breaker and received no charge, so I had to go somewhere else (The Block at Orange has free charging and is near Disney).

It’s also surprising that they made it a pay service because the ChargePoint software fees and transaction fees that will be charged will likely cost more than the money they’re bringing in with the fees.

Practicality aside, at least the rate they’re charging is very inexpensive.

Exactly the kind of destination location for charging. And the pricing seems fair, with the right incentives. It would be interesting to update utilization of these sites over the peak summer season. Reliable availability is going to be important.

We have already charged here twice. The highest power draw I’ve seen was 5.65 kW. The last trip down there we charged for 2 hours and 41 minutes and consumed 14.63 kWh. Our total bill was $5.12 It was still cheaper than driving the V6 Tacoma.

Are the WDW chargers you mention the ones planned for Downtown Disney? If so this is a bit of an issue since there is no direct transport from DD to the parks. You can grab a bus to a resort and then catch another to a park. I can now drive my Leaf to Orlando from my home in Sarasota thanks to a quick charge in Brandon but I still have no easy place to charge while in one of the parks.

Hey Reno,

I haven’t heard anything about any DD stations. You are looking at some units on the resort grounds/main parking structures themselves. That is not to say there is nothing coming to DD, we’ve just not heard of them. When we get an update on the specifics later this year, we will certainly pass it along.

Sidenote in regards to DD transport (that has nothing to do with this thread, lol):

For an extended day, I sometimes find myself starting at DD then catching the launch boat to Port Orleans/French Quarter (sucker for the pastries), then connect to the parks from there, then return again via the boat and wind back up at DD in the evening when it gets going. Or if Jr is with me catch the ‘evening movie show’ on the grass at Port Orleans.

You have too much fun Jay. I’m jealous. 🙂

My wife & I are relatively tech-saavy, but the charging station at Disneyland was confusing. We were ready to swipe our Visa card and apparently you need a “special” Visa card. Huh?! If they offer these spots, they should make it easy to pay, not require you to have duplicate “EV” credit cards. Nevertheless, we left our car in the spot, unplugged. At least it was a shorter walk to the trams.