The Journey To Success – Elon Musk Infographic


Here’s a look (in infographic form) at the life and times of current Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Infographic

Elon Musk Infographic

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I suspect it would be easy to die on Mars.

He’ll be alright if he brings a potato with him.

I would also recommend to bring along a towel…

Haha yeah. I hope when people take the colonial transport vehicle a towel will be the first required item on the list.

True. It’s easy to die on Mars, but really hard to live there. I don’t think Musk will see his fanciful dream of his death on Mars will be achieved, in his lifetime.

I think you’ll find he got where he is today by not listening to and hanging around people like yourself.

boom 🙂

When you go to Mars., Bring Plenty of Mars Bars ! l o l …2025?

Sometimes you feel like an evcarnut, sometimes you don’t.

I left myself wide open on that one….l o l …

Nice compilation ! However the author made no mention that Musk founded SolarCity with his cousin & that he is the biggest investor/share holder there…I am a huge Musk Fan and I trust that Elon will succeed on all fronts. Unfortunately He is not out of the woods just yet. His ultimate success shall happen when he produces an EV for the masses ,masters re-usable rocketry and starts a colony on Mars, And finally putting solar panels & power storage on the majority of homes & businesses on this planet….If anyone can do it., Elon Musk Can & I trust that he will do it! God Speed Elon !


And according to this expert, the Solar revolution is coming fast!

Al Gore has interrestingly optimistic numbers as well!

People keep saying the solar revolution is here, hooray, hooray!

It was here in Nevada. Now its dead. Warren Buffett killed it.

NVEnergy (purchased by Mid-American Energy/Berkshire Hathaway in 2013) successfully lobbied to the state’s PUC to end net metering, not only going forward but retroactively – those who had spent $25,000 or more to install solar on their roof were in for a shock to find their assets stranded – sunk costs that would never show a profit because of the PUC ruling in late 2015 that ended net metering, as well as doubling the monthly connection costs over the next 5 years.

“But, but, but… batteries!” you say, to which I reply, sure, until the next Republican governor and his PUC decide to kill solar w/ batteries by raising rates again for solar w/storage customers to beyond the break-even point for their equipment. Justified by a flimsy economic analysis that shows that customers w/o solar & batteries are “subsidizing” those with solar & storage.

Fossil fuel industry is not going to go away without a fight. I wonder if calling your utility and asking for electricity from renewable sources would help with the transition to renewable?

“Warren Buffett killed it.”

“…until the next Republican governor and his PUC decide to kill solar w/ batteries…”

You forgot to mention that billionaire Warren Buffet is a Democrat.

And Buffet supports Hillary Clinton…FEEL THE BERN

See August 2006

Very interesting, however “PC” is not an operating system. Windows is an operating system as is (GNU/)Linux, both of them running on PCs.

As in life itself,everything is cyclical. The rich 0ld “GREED STRICKEN” 0il guys will die too, Whew! 0ut with the 0ld ! 0il will always be needed in some form 0r another & there will be a demand for it. We will just curtail from burning it 0ff on this large scale basis, that is surely sickening and killing off the planet & it’s inhabitants. Now we’re PROGRESSING., The Rich Greedy 0il barons in their comfort zones don’t like these changes. However…For every industry lost., There will be others industries gained.. IT’S BETTER FOR THE COMMON GOOD!

PS….And they know it !

Absolutely astonishing. Musk has crammed about ten times as much into his life as most people, even most successful people, and he’s only 45!

I’d think, though, that it would feel rather weird for him to read this infographic, as if his life could be entirely represented by a few dozen icons.

Musk turns 45 in June.

You got it wrong, he didnt found Paypal.

An Engineer Dad and a Model Mom?

See what you come up with? Elon is a genius…

We need more models and supermodels to go out and marry engineers!!!!