The Fast Lane Car – “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know” About Chevrolet Bolt – Video


This in-depth automotive review series from The Fast Lane Car provides us with quite possibly the most-detailed, yet concise video reviews of the 2017 Chevy Bolt to date.

Chevy Bolt On The Fast Lane Car

“2017 Chevy Bolt: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know”

The vehicle is driven, explored inside and out from a Chevy test drive event last month, and then closer to the end of the video you’ll see some unique shots of some stripped down Bolt bits, as well as a lineup of a big test drive fleet of Bolts.

The 2017 Bolt EV is rated at 238 miles of range, and in April arrives in Washington after coming to New York and New Jersey in March.

The segment is 15-plus minutes long, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Interesting that there was a “stay tuned” about all wheel drive or pick up truck electrics. I wonder if they actually have anything in store there?


Imho it is worth watching this video by Bjørn Nyland too.

Tim Miser

Actually the Bolts arrived in Washington in mid March ahead of schedule.


They talk about selling 1000 per month, which is all they can deliver right now.