The Dendobrium, Singapore’s Answer To The Electric Supercar


Dendobrium Concept Rendering

Dendobrium Concept Rendering, Source: EPTA-DESIGN

A new company in Singapore, Vanda Electric, is developing the country’s first electric supercar.



The initiative is based on and named after a Singaporean orchid. The company is using “nature” as the voice to market the vehicle. The prototype will likely be unveiled in Geneva in 2017.

Williams Advanced Engineering, of World Championship, Grand Prix, and Formula One fame and SG  are behind the project with $10 million (~$7 million U.S.) in funding from Titan Capital.

Vanda has sought out London-based, EPTA to design the eye-catching, futuristic, aerodynamic, carbon/aluminium body. Surely the company is making the right connections to make this a reality.

Preliminary specifications per Gizmag:

Total Length: 5540mm
Total Width: 2270mm 
Total Height: 1100mm 
Curb Weight: 1750kg 
Wheelbase: 3530mm
Torque: 4000Nm
Power Output: 1500HP
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 2.6s 
Top speed: 400km/h 
Range: 400km
Battery Capacity: 90-100kWh
Powered by 4 electric motors
Incorporates All Wheel Torque Vectoring system with stability function
Adjustable height for road and track operation
Two Seater, twin door
Carbon fiber and aluminum body and chassis
Liquid cooled batteries and motor

Dendrobium 1

Source: Electrive

If Vanda, a start-up company with no previous car building experience, pulls this venture off, it will be a huge slap in the face to the current supercar industry. The vehicle will match the Bugatti Chiron’s horsepower with four times the torque.

The Tesla Model S P90D overpowers almost everything on the market aside from supercars and it’s an electrified family sedan!

If the Dendobrium makes it to production, then there will be an electric car that can beat any other car out there, even supercars and hypercars.







Source: Gizmag

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The new batmobile!
I’ll wait to see the film!

Looks like a teen gamer’s wet dream of a car.

Cool looking, but also looks like it will break if I touch it.

You and I have vastly different definitions of “cool”.

Also, I want to know what they were smoking when they came up with that name.

Pensioner EV fans fail to realise it is these type of “teen wet-dream” inducing EV hypercars, that will make mainstream EV ownership desirable, even fashionable.

Fugly Leaf’s, Bolt’s and i3’s just won’t cut it. The success of the Tesla M3 is proof of that.