The Australian: “BMW i3 Has It All”


BMW i3

BMW i3

By now, we’ve all come across a few dozen BMW i3 reviews, most of which paint the i3 as one of the best electric vehicles the world has seen, so why present one more review?

BMW i3 Overhead

BMW i3 Overhead

Well, for starters, this review is of the REx version, which there hasn’t been much written on yet.  Secondly, the conclusion of this review runs counters to what some reviewers have stated regarding the REx.

We strongly suggest that you read the review in its entirety (linked below), but here’s the condensed version:

Fortunately, though, I’m in the REx, or range-extender, version of the i3, and therefore carrying about my person a 647cc, two-cylinder petrol engine, worth about 160km more of road if the juice runs out. I’m not likely to get stranded, then, unless I really put some effort into it.

So on I potter, my driving carefully monitored by the car on my behalf. When I recklessly depress the accelerator a little sharply, a sign appears on the dashboard: “Tip: accelerate moderately.” Later on in the drive, I will be instructed as follows: “Tip: take foot off accelerator: speed limit ahead.”

BMW i3 Interior

BMW i3 Interior

Beyond the covetable looks, though, the i3 is also engaging to drive. It has agility to a degree that I think it’s safe to say the G-Wiz never did.

Moreover, it decelerates firmly when you lift your foot off the accelerator, making it possible, especially in city traffic, to drive without touching the brake, thus sparing you the standard, slightly wearying, tap dance between accelerator and brake pedal.

So the future is free of anxiety, quite sporty, virtually silent and, one might add, almost completely without snacks. Because, while we’re unreservedly celebrating the i3 and the bold blow it strikes for a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow, it’s worth reflecting on the impact on the nation’s lifestyle of a car you seldom take to a service station.

Basically, the entire review is a glowing one and the reviewer even appreciates the often questionable looks of the i3.  The is “has it all,” says the review, but there’s one thing BMW forgot:

Petrol these days is just one minor aspect of what one likes to think of as the holistic service-station experience. Rare are the times when one doesn’t additionally leave with a carton of milk, a Twirl and a slashed-price, bin-end DVD of John Candy in Uncle Buck.

I suppose, again, you’re saving money and possibly even improving your diet. At the same time, where will we go for our discontinued CDs of 20 Driving Classics? It seems to be the only thing BMW hasn’t thought about.

It seems that without the constant trips to the gas stations, those discontinued CDs of Driving Classics won’t be bought.  Perhaps BMW could make those CDs available to download online?

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CD? I don’t even have anything that can play a CD anymore… And for listening to music Spotify is the shit…

But I guess that there is some sentimental value for some people going to a gas station.

LOL. So true M.!
I’m sure there was a whole group of people who for years missed leaning against the Ol hitching post in front of the country store when we transition off of riding horses for transportation. Change is hard for humans but a necessary evil for civilized progress. To that end I am heartened by what BMW is doing. Ten gallon hats off to them!!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Unless the i3 comes with a piss bottle, there’ll always be a need for a gas station.

It needs a vase, like the previous Beetle.

Stopping by a tree or a bush always works. And for proper bathrooms I prefer McDonalds (or other fast food chains) for some reason.

Can’t say that I’ve ever used a bathroom at a gas station.Haven’t seen many gas stations with bathroom for customers or for anyone either.

Those rear doors look awkward to close, if you’re sitting in the back seat.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Given that you can’t close the rear doors if the front door is closed, I reckon they reckon folks will get out and do it. i3 really isn’t a 4-door IMO, it’s a 2-door with RX-8 style mini doors.

I wonder if the Australian outback is going to benefit from something more than the tiny 2 gallon tank?

The REx comes with a jerrycan. So a second would be fine.

Well, it doesn’t have a good incentive for EV buyers in Australia. They don’t seem to be supporting EVs very much down under.

one of the best electric cars the world has seen? LOL hop all the way off BMW’s nuts the car doesnt even look that good and doesn’t have the highest range. Fiat 500e is better than it, hell the smart ED is better than it even with 2 seats LOL foh

Yeah but it’s a BMW, it might not sell too well in NA but it looks like it’s been priced to sell in the EU.

I’m about as sentimental not going to gas stations as I am about not going to laundromats. Both weekly chores, one more costly than the other.
Solar PV and charging at home is amazing.

I was really excited about the i3. But, it’s a bit of a disappointment, both in terms of looks and range. They should have stuck with mainstream styling and offered a couple of battery sizes. They could loose the window dips and funky hood line, to make this a really nice looking car. I don’t mind the suicide doors, but I hate that the back windows don’t roll down. I live at the beach and that’s a deal-breaker. Maybe the i5 will be less quirky.

As Elon Musk said, “I hope they keep working on it.” Carbon fiber EVs are definitely the way of the future and BMW has a big head start.

why is this car better ? because it’s a BMW ? poor idiots.