2015 All-Electric Aston Martin DBX Concept Goes With Gas Instead

NOV 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Aston Martin missed an electric opportunity with the DBX

Aston Martin ultimately scrapped the all-electric all-wheel-drive DBX Concept, unveiled in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show, despite the fact that it could’ve been the flagship EV for the brand, just like the Jaguar I-PACE for Jaguar Land Rover.

The British brand instead ended up with a conventionally powered DBX, scheduled for market launch in Q4 2019.

Aston Martin still has some EV plans – in late 2019 the company intends to offer the Aston Martin Rapide E, but only 155 units is envisioned to be ever made.

In the longer perspective, in 2021, the company will launch the Lagonda brand, which is going to introduce an electric SUV.

2015 DBX Concept (BEV)

Aston Martin DBX
9 photos
Aston Martin DBX Aston Martin DBX Reveal In Geneva This Year - Will Arrive In 2019 As A Plug-In Hybrid First, Followed By Both A Petrol And All-Electric Version Aston Martin DBX Another Look At The Upcoming Aston Martin DBX Aston Martin DBX Aston Martin DBX Concept Aston Martin DBX Concept Instead Of Elon Musk And The Tesla Model X, Detroit Gets Aston Martin And The 1,000 HP RapidE

2018 DBX Prototype (ICE)

Aston Martin DBX Prototype
13 photos
Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype Aston Martin DBX Prototype

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14 Comments on "2015 All-Electric Aston Martin DBX Concept Goes With Gas Instead"

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Bummer. It’s the smaller luxury brands that won’t have to shovel for cobalt, or face battery sourcing issues. That and the weight class many Astons have already reached. I keep thinking EV is the ticket, for a company like this.


Yep. I’m astounded by this decision.

The EV revolution is coming, and coming quickly. A lot of auto makers are going to disappear because they haven’t caught up. The smaller ones like Aston Martin are the most vulnerable to this, but also most able to adapt quickly if they choose to.

It looks like Aston have decided not to adapt. It’s a decision that could doom them.

Get Real

You mean that AM CEO Andy Palmer doesn’t deliver again same as when he was in charge of the Nissan’s response to the Leaf’s battery woes?



I guess the Electric RapidE is all they have planned. Better plan on launching your CEO while you still have an opportunity before this electric disruption takes a solid foothold. Because Andy Palmer is clearly killing it.


Aston Martin doesn’t need to worry about the whim’s of the mass market. The people who buy Aston Martin’s often already have a fleet of cars including EV’s. They’re really not in the adapt or die situation and if they hold out to be the very last ICE manufacturer they still won’t have any issues selling cars.

But if you read the article and follow automotive news you’d already know that they’re heavily investing into their EV future and have big plans for Lagonda.


“Aston Martin doesn’t need to worry about the whim’s of the mass market.”

Aston Martin has to worry about the whims of their market, just as any producer of any product.


Aston Martin will certainly have to worry about regulatory issues like emissions & fuel efficiency.
Unlike in the US, most jurisdictions make no exceptions for small carmakers.


Aston Martin is pretty much in direct competition with Tesla. If they don’t know it yet, they’re in trouble.


People that buy something like the roadster will probably have several cars, so while there will be competition it’s not as dire as it may seem.


I expect Aston Martin to disappear. Their ICE experience will become irrelevant in 10 years, and better performance will become available for much less by EV-focused carmakers, niche and otherwise.


What a shame it isn’t electric. But man.. that fkn radiantor seen behind the grille. That just has me

It seems unclear why they’ll potentially pass on the EV powertrain here. This will clearly be the biggest seller – and the best ever adaptation of the sports car utility vehicle I could imagine!

But, then again, is Aston Martin considering to not meet its fleet average emission targets and stop selling in the EU anymore, or what?


I would trust small startup like Sono than these established companies. How many such prospective EVs were cancelled.


Uh, where does trust come into it?? Aston Martin never promised to produce an EV let alone took deposits for one.
It was only a concept, and niche carmakers tend to make many of them.


I’ve lost interest in FF powered super cars. Seem suddenly dated.

But as I can’t afford one. Don’t suppose it’ll affect Astons bottom line too much.