TFL Catches The Cadillac CT6 (Available With Plug) In The Wild, 2nd Gen Volt Mule Too – Video

OCT 14 2014 BY JAY COLE 18

TFL Catches What Appears To Be The New Cadillac CT6 In The Wild

TFL Catches What Appears To Be The New Cadillac CT6 In The Wild

The Fast Lane Car headed into the “high country” in Colorado on the look out for what was new with GM’s new high altitude/winter weather prototype testing fleet and came away with some pretty swell footage.

While heavy camouflaged, TFL chases what can probably only be Cadillac’s new larger, CT6 luxury sedan; a vehicle that has recently confirmed to also come with a plug-in option.

Details are very scarce on the plug-in CT6, but we do know via GM execs that it will have a blended MPGe of about 70 MPGe and it will be available as a 2016 model in the fall of 2015.

Also keep an eye open at the start of the video for what looks to be the upcoming 2nd generation of Volt – in mule form anyway.

TFLCar, hat tip to offib!


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Roman!!!! OH EM GEE – You could’ve just jumped out right there and snapped some fantastic Volt v.2 interior shots!!!! Oh man!

Epic Fail dude! Who cares about that behemoth CT6 Cadillac! L 🙂 L. OK, so some may come with a plug. I don’t see a plug port on the right front fender, so – pffft. That is one gigantic car, that is for sure!

Me? I would have been all over those Volts until someone chased me off!

+1 I kinda felt the same way. They were just sitting there! Though they could’ve easily had someone in it if he had taken interior pics. Even still, as we’ve seen from Toyota and its 4th gen Prius, the interior can also be a mule, a dash from a current generation made to fit the vehcilce it sella tape all over. If you want to know the interior, there’s this for you: The CT6 is a titanic of a car, but I’m not expecting it to see it where I live. Parking a Prius here is challenging enough! The CT6 is just a nice call back to the careless and imposing “Big Caddies”. I just hope it looks almost identical to its concept. It’s not as low down as I hoped. Still, if the ELR can do it, the CT6 should. As I saw this, near the end of the video and before the CT6 runs off, you can see two camo covers for filling flaps on both of the rear wings. Two flaps, one for the plug, the other for the petrol. Cadillac would probably be doing this for the sake of symmetry. I asked Jay if that’s plausible… Read more »
I watched this video a week or so ago on TV and tried to find it on Motorweek’s website – it wasn’t there. It wasn’t on YouTube either until a few days later, somebody posted it. I took some screen shots of the interior. Yes – I believe that is Gen 2’s center stack in full view ( blurry ). The shots also give clear indication that our assumptions are spot-on, there is a full back seat. Sad, how in the video, the guy is standing smack in the middle of the hatch area where we want to see. You can see the center touchscreen is larger – looks to be 8″- and like the windshield, canted at a steeper angle for ergonomics. The current, weird, clunky T-shifter is replaced by a more conventional looking stubby shifter on the console. Also gone are the haptic buttons, yet the 2 central knobs remain, one large multifunction dial and a smaller one above. Noteworthy also, is the fake chrome circle around the knob – an addition, possibly to convey more luxury? I’ll withhold my opinion until I see it in person. So far, though, it looks improved. A lot is riding on… Read more »

* windshield for better aerodynamics. Remember, gen 3 Prius went from 44mpg city of gen 2 to 50 mpg city with gen 3. One of the many improvements was a slightly steeper windshield. Looks like GM has done the same.

Prius gen 2 is 48 MPG city.
Prius gen 3 is 51 MPG city.

Aerodynamics don’t matter that much for city MPG, but greatly affect highway MPG.

Correctomundo Sven!

My mistake – I meant: COMBINED MPG , not City.

If it’s a matter of being right – my perspective was from the 2nd gen. Prius Touring which is still EPA rated the same as the standard Prius, but gets 2+-3+ less MPG due to it’s slightly larger wheels. I purchased the Touring, so I know.

EPA ratings, as we know – are rough sketches as the U.S. government allows manufacturers to self-police themselves leading to rather ambiguous numbers. Just ask Hyunda, KIA and Ford who basically got caught cooking their numbers and it bit them in the lower region, if you know what I mean – Resulting in after-purchase rebates and gas coupons.

I think nearly everybody here knows that aero drag is most relevant at 45mph+ . I think that goes w/o saying.

To be totally on point – it’s the current Prius C that has a COMBINED MPG of 51.

My point was – slight changes in windshield angle can significantly effect gas mileage. As can underbody cladding and a number of other modifications.

Well, this test vehicle may not have the real interior.

In the beginning it’s the new Chevrolet Volt ? (i mean at 0:12-0:13)

Where was that parking lot and how did get in there?

GM is determined to shoot themselves in the foot. They get a great head-start on everyone with Volt . . . and then they release a Caddy ELR that flopped. And now another Caddy that will flop.

Why no PHEV SUV?
Why no PHEV mini-van?
Why no PHEV pick-up?
Why no PHEV CUV?

Nope . . . Cadillacs! Because Fox News watching Grandpa really wants a PHEV!


Agreed. I know I’m a broken record but no AWD?

Did they somehow miss the Tesla announcement where people raved about the ability to have AWD? Did they somehow miss the stellar sales of the Outlander PHEV?

GM. A company with some of the best engineers on earth. And the worst management and marketing.

What do you mean “no AWD”? They specifically pointed out that this car was driving around in the same snow as their Jeep, seemingly without any issues.

My apologies. My video skipped in the beginning where he said it looked like it was AWD.

Now I’m excited for this to make it to the car lots!

I read a lot of auto news. Two years ago a typical GM story would have been. Government Motors flops again the price is high, the back seat is to small and I don’t like the Color either. It slower than a speeding bulet, less powerful than a locomotive and it can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. Followed by 50 hate coments.

Now the reviews only show a slight negative bias, most of the haters have gone away and they spell the company name right.

Marketing, Management and mostly Engineering seem to be doing a great job.

Hmmmm. Double dual tailpipes… Soooo Steampunk.

snow – what happened to global warming?
what happened to peak oil?

EVs must compete in the market against oil but we need a battery leap forward.

“Snow – what happened to global warming”

It’s actually accelerating. But just because you see one area with snow, does not mean there isn’t a problem with RISING GLOBAL TEMPS. “Sample Bias Errors” are pretty common in reporters who work for Fox News, etc., and the folks who watch sloppy / purposely misleading reporting in the mainstream media.

“What happened to peak oil”

It’s still a problem, but Fracking, global economic slowdown, and using cheaper (dirty) grades / sources for oil have created a temporary glut in the market. Don’t worry, it will be burned up soon enough. And then everyone will complain about butane and other carcinogenic goodies in their groundwater.

If GM offered a full electric Volt; that could be their Model 3?