Text BMW i Genius For Help in Selecting the BMW i That Suits Your Lifestyle


Will it be a BMW i8?

Will it be a BMW i8?

BMW thinks it has found a way to direct potential i buyers towards the right i-mobile, be it i3 or i8 (at least for now).

Or a BMW i3?

Or a BMW i3?

BMW’s just-launched “i Genius” is described as “software system employing artificial intelligence technology to interact with potential customers of the BMW i3 or i8.”

How it works is rather simple.  i Genius users (only currently available in the UK) simply text a question to 84737.  The intelligent software system then responds to your question with some sort of answer.

BMW is calling this a live question and answer system that’s open 24/7.  BMW Group UK Marketing Director, Chris Brownridge, says this of i Genius:

BMW i Genius is capable of understanding each question and responding accurately every time just as if you were talking to an expert from the company. The system operates around the clock allowing the consumer to ask any question relating to the i cars but without the hassle of having to pick up the phone or go into a dealership.

Live” is obviously a stretch, as there no actual person on the other end doing the answering.

The i Genius system can provide detailed answers to complex questions and is even smart enough to carry out “real-time conversations.”

Apparently, BMW must have missed the decades-old memo.  You know, the one that says the vast majority of people would rather converse with an actual human being instead of some computerized responder.

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So does BMW not only try and ride on Apple’s coat tails with calling their cars i3 and i8, this whole i Genius concept is really a sad rip-off of Apple’s Genius Bar for Macs and i devices, which makes it more obvious.

It works. I just texted it and said I have $140,000 to spend and am looking for a PHEV sports car and it recommended the i8.

I guess when there are only two choices, the computer will be right at least 50% of the time!

Goodness. Chat bots in 2013? AOL ran a chat bot in the 90s that could reasonably intelligently converse with you. Having a chat bot today seems antiquated. If they had an artificial intelligence algorithm with speech recognition and response, so we couldn’t tell if we were conversing with a human or a robot, that would be interesting.

Considering the two models are totally different in looks, price, seating, etc, is there anyone out there stupid enough that they a Genius to tell them which one to buy?

Me: “I want the good looking affordable one.”
i Genius: “Could you please restate your question?”