Texas Continues Its Pursuit Of Tesla Battery Gigafactory – Video


"Aides for Texas Gov. Rick Perry say negotiations will continue with Tesla Motors to build an electric car battery factory in the Lone Star State."

“Aides for Texas Gov. Rick Perry say negotiations will continue with Tesla Motors to build an electric car battery factory in the Lone Star State.” -Video’s Description.

Despite all the talk over the groundbreaking being done outside of Reno, Nevada, Texas is still eager to have Tesla’s Gigafactory.

The location of the Gigafactory will be in one of five states: California, Arizona,Nevada, New Mexico or Texas.

We are unsure of where the Gigafactory will be located.  However, as stated in the video above, a final location will be confirmed soon.

Reno, Nevada seems the most likely gigafactory location right now, but California, as well as Texas, are still pushing strongly for the battery factory.

If you were asked to place a bet on which state will eventually land the gigafactory, what would be your guess?



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“Texas Oh Texas Oh hail our mighty state.
Largest and Grandest”…they never recognized Alaska. I suppose right to work (right to indentured servitude, is more like it) does not include the right to do business by selling directly to the public.
So lobby all you will but until Tesla gets an exception for selling vehicles in the state directly to consumers all the bluster in the state of Texas, and that is quite a bit, it will not matter. A former Texican.

Kiss the ring, Texas. But don’t expect love from Tesla. The Reno site is my bet.

Would you really set up in Texas? I hope not; The state is run by Big Oil and a grossly bigoted Government. In fact the largest company is Exxon.

You can bet they will do anything necessary to help you go bankrupt and delight in suppress your employee’s civil rights.

You and your employees would be moving back to the dark ages where weapons are as common as lollipops and can be open carried…where in many towns, clean air and clean water is unknown and success is the smell of fracked hydrogen sulfide leaking from the wells, day and night.

Texas is a state for people who don’t know better.

Exactly, Texas is run by big oil.

What better way to be disruptive than to set up camp in your enemies front yard.

Electric Car Guest Drive

If Texas wants to attract more automotive factories to the state, they’ll need to take a close look at abolishing those protectionist auto sales laws first.

Just a guess, but I believe any new auto companies manufacturing in the state might actually want to sell their product in the state also.

Texas will win the Gigafactory.

It is this way because Rick Perry is going to run for President.

But first he has to win the Republican nomination in the Primary. And he cannot allow his Republican opponents to point out during the campaign that he “lost the Gigafactory.”

Therefore, Perry will stop at nothing to win the Gigafactory and he will win it “at all costs.”

Texas will win the Gigafactory.

If Rick Perry were serious, he could have started by lifting the ban on Tesla sales in Texas …


I can see the political ads now: “Rick Perry helped block Tesla Motors from directly selling their American made cars in Texas. Is that the kind of politician we want sitting in the White House? OF COURSE NOT!!!”

This is getting fun.. LOL


The raisin’s microphone is awfully phallic…