Texans to Soon Get $2,500 Rebate on Plug-In Vehicle Purchases; Tesla Doesn’t Qualify


Nissan LEAF Will Qualify for $2,500 Rebate in Texas

Nissan LEAF Will Qualify for $2,500 Rebate in Texas

If all goes according to plan, Texans will soon be able to take advantage of a $2,500 rebate for purchasing plug-in vehicles.

BMW i8 to Qualify for $2,500 Back in Texas

BMW i8 to Qualify for $2,500 Back in Texas

As Fuel Fix reports:

“Texans soon will have a shot at a $2,500 rebate when buying electric or natural gas vehicles in the state, after regulators pushed the new program a step further on Wednesday.”

“When combined with federal incentives, a buyer of an electric car could save $10,000 off the total purchase price of the vehicle because of the new program. The incentive is the first such offer for the buyers of electric vehicles in the state.”

“The commission is still developing rules for the rebates, which won’t be available until April, at the earliest. The Legislature approved the incentive program this year, but only allocated about $3.8 million annually for the rebates.”

“The $3.8 million annual funding for incentives has forced the commission to limit the rebates to 1,550 purchases each year. The rebate program is slated to expire on Aug. 31, 2015.”

The proposed rebate will be applicable for natural gas, combined natural gas and gasoline, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

Tesla Model S Will Not Qualify for $2,500 Rebate

Tesla Model S Will Not Qualify for $2,500 Rebate

There’s an exception though and it’s not going to sit well with Tesla.

The rebate program explicitly excludes vehicles sold directly to consumers.  Only vehicles sold at dealerships or through official dealership channels will qualify.

Clearly, this ridiculous rule is aimed squarely at Tesla.

As Fuel Fix states:

“A notable exemption will be Tesla electric vehicles, since the manufacturer sells them directly to customers rather than through dealerships.”

Texas has done everything in its power to limit Tesla’s success in the state and this is one more blow aimed at the electric automaker.

Only dealerships will have access to a rebate hotline to confirm availability.  Tesla will not be able to access this system and, unless Tesla establishes a dealership in Texas, the automaker’s vehicles will never qualify for the rebate.

Ain’t that a shame?

Hat tip to Josh!

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97% of the democrat politicians voted “yes” for the bill.
only 51% republican
(Make sure you place blame properly.)

texas needs to be removed from the US.

Surprisingly, many Texans I know (I live here) actually agree with that statement.

“I live here” – I love it. Me, too! I live here.

What I find amusing about the talks of Texas succession is that most people seem to be ignorant of Texas’ history. Texas used to be a part of Mexico until a bunch of Americans moved it, revolted from the Mexican government, and immediately joined the US as a state. Americans basically stole it from Mexico. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m with TeslaFan – Mexico can have it back!

There is some truth to your “Texas History”, but goes a little far in cynicism. The reality is that lots of Mexican states declared independence and formed their own governments: there was the Republic of Yucatan, Republic of the Rio Grande, and others. The Republic of Texas just happened to be the one that survived, possibly because the larger distance made it more difficult to suppress the rebelion. And after being a sovereign nation for about 10 years, it hardly adds up to “Americans basically stole it from Mexico.” If the Yucatan would have won their rebellion, would you also call it stolen? It was fair and square…at least as far as rebellions go.

The Yucatan rebellion is a little different. In Texas’ case, it was largely led by Americans who had moved west into the region. The rebellion was supported by the US, which is part of why they succeeded. Also it was Texas who came to the US asking to become a state.

But your point is taken on the cynicism comment.

The U.S. no more “stole” Texas from Mexico then it stole Maine from Canada or West Virginia from Virginia. One of the basic principles of Democrat President Wilson’s 14 points is “self determination” and each of these three states had citizens who self-determined they no longer wanted to be part of Mexico, Canada, and Virginia.

So they broke-away and became self-governing states. As is the right of all people everywhere.

Later they joined the U.S….. immediately in the case of West Virginia…. 10-20 years later in the case of Maine, Texas (and also the Vermont Republic which was always independent).

wow, everything we have come to expect from texas

What a dick move that seems so obviously aimed at excluding Tesla. Time for a Texas boycott? Hmmm I can’t think of anything made in Texas.

It is not aimed at Tesla, it is aimed at vehicles purchased from a dealer in Texas.

“Aimed at” here is pejorative.

The exclusion is aimed at Tesla.

Yeah, we can stop buying their gas and oil. Go solar now.

Buying an EV is probably the biggest boycott you can do of Texas.

They have a decent sized hydrogen pipeline. “Don’t support Texas, Don’t buy hydrogen!”

Well, besides the Tesla part this is great news for me because I’ll be in the market for a new plug-in vehicle right around that time.

Same here. My lease is up in June ’14, so it is very good timing.

Since I would have needed more like a $25,000 rebate to afford the Tesla, it isn’t too much of a blow to my personal situation. I do hope Tesla can break through the politics in the future though.

Just a note to everyone, you might be able to get an extra $2500 off in Texas for one of those few remaining Fiskers…we need to clear those off the monthly sales sheet 😉

A brilliant bit of “revenge served cold” against Tesla for opposing the dealership laws.

Well, shucks and darn, I sure would have been ready to go for that Tesla if I had got the 2,500 rebate…

yeah, i seriously doubt anyone that can afford a Tesla will be put off to a different vehicle over $2,500.

I guess that’s what they mean by “Don’t mess with Texas”.

I guess I won’t be taking any vacations in Texas anytime soon.

You are repeating the same hate – I know putting the Tesla issue fore-front will make sensational news item. As a person living Texas – its a great progress to get a rebate on EVs even though they have ton of money limiting to 1550 vehicles is sad, but I will take this improvement over the present situation. You need to grow up and stop trolling.

Southern politicians are renowned for their pettiness and long memories…

I wonder how they will rationalize this? Dealerships employ local Texans, so that’s why it’s limited to cars from dealers?? What about imported plug-in vehicles? Why would those get the same $2,500?

Meh.. texass

Admittedly this had me ROTFLMAO…..lol

So Texas will do business with Foreign products that send profits out of this country but blocks out the home grown?

The only thing big in Texas is EGO, Brain is size of a single test1cle.

Tesla should NOW drop their prices by $2500 🙂

But only for people in Texas 🙂

Texan’s hate radicals and fundamentalist all over the globe but they are part of that group. They criticize regulations but their state is like the old communist Russia.

And by “Texans” I assume you mean the corrupt politicians who gladly sold out to the automotive dealers? You really think the average Texan on the street cares about preventing direct to consumer auto sales? Seriously?

You get the feeling that no law gets pass in Texas without the good ole boy network having its input.

Goodness, this infers that you believe this is NOT the case everywhere.

Like many of you, I think this is a stupid move by TX. That being said, anyone who can afford a Tesla will still buy one regardless.

I think the way it’s written is unfair in that it clearly is pro car dear ship. A more fairly written bill should have said no tax breaks on cars over $30,000 or 35,000 dollars.

Not no cars that didn’t come from a car dealership in that this clearly a smack at Tesla and a cheap shot.

Well, I’m from Texas and still live here and yes, there are a bunch of idiots in Austin. But in my opinion they’ve screwed themselves on this one. I bought my last car from a dealership in Texas 3 years ago. Last year, we flew to California and purchased a Plug in Prius. Next year we’re flying back to CA to buy a Tesla. I will never again buy a car in this state again. I will gladly give my sales tax to other states who are not snuggled up with wealth lobbying groups like the Texas dealership association. I wish the Governor of CA would offer a special sales tax rate to out of state auto consumers, he might sell even more Teslas (and generate more revenue) from his state!

I looked into the sales tax issue, and unfortunately–if you’re going to register & drive the vehicle in Texas, you’re going to need to pay that sales tax (about $5k on a Tesla) to Texas when registering it–unless you permanently move to CA for a couple years before returning.

Smells like a slam dunk lawsuit against the sovereign state of Texas, by Tesla. Talk about your chutzpah. On the positive side, it looks like the 1 % in Texas is shooting itself in the foot, since they are the class primarily affected by this lopsided decision.

Texas completely missed the mark. This program is backing the good ‘ole boys and their oil breathing dinosaurs giving credits for no good reason. We here in Texas are The most CO2 producing state of all 50. Zero Emissions vehicles is how it should read, Period.