Texan Review Of Kia Soul EV – Video


Ed Wallace talking about the range tools in his Kia Soul EV reviewโ€ฆ Handy feature!

Kia Soul EV range consumption tool / guide w/ rated range.

Mr. Ed Wallace of Fox 4 News (Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas) gives a very positive review on this Kia Soul EV.

Wallace discusses the goodies that come standard with the Soul EV, as well as its available range and the tools/features hat it has to help keep consumption down.

He adds that the Soul EV drives and feels like a luxurious vehicle, and has more than enough room for 5 adults.

We are happy to once again see another positive review of the Kia Soul EV. Hopefully, Kia will make this stellar electric car available nationwide soon.

Since the video was a little dark, here is the Kia Soul EV.

Since the video was a little dark, here is the Kia Soul EV.

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Let him try a Tesla 70D.

There’s a guy who works for Fox News (a branch albeit) and owns an i-MiEV… ?

Anyway, I had doubts for the Soul EV when it first arrived, but that few extra 3 or 4kWh seems to make almost all the difference. Kia’s aggressive enthusiasm for it helps of course?

Texans may not buy an electric car because some democrat did or it will save the earth, BUT if he or she can see how much money they will practically make (save) they are interested.

Against the gossip…i-miev’s ARE great little cars and actually do more than many people expect from them. No they are not a BMW, but I got more electric car than I paid for and within my budget too!

Props to KIA for selling the Soul EV in many markets.

And . . . wow . . . that hair.

Hold that thought for the moment….. As he said, still not available in Texas. And the Texas rebate expires in a couple of months.

Interesting he claims the reason is dealer investment, but it’s been reported here the real reason is limited inventory, specifically not even enough to meet California demand.

That is good.

Seam that Soul EV was thought out as pure compliance cars (will sell XXX cars, but not a single more!)…. but one that would not damage brand ๐Ÿ˜€

So people are buying it in bigger quantities then Kia planned.

It must be really, really, really unpleasant for them ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

UPS.. clicked post too early.

I was about to say that, Kia is different then other compliant cars OEMs in one other thing.

They will scale up production now that they see demand.

Very good for them.

It’s no compliant car, since it is broadly sold all over the world and in most countries of Europe for instance. In fact, right from the start they sell it so broadly, that the number of cars available per country is still low. I’ve ordered one here in France and the wait time is a couple of months.

But you will see that as soon as production is up more and more states in the US will get them. But they start – and who can blame them while they are production restrained – with countries/states where they will have the best margin because of tax credits and other incentives, like California and Europe.

Leave it to Fox (bubble headed bleach-blonde) to make a snarky comment about having to go pick the guy up, after he told them he would plenty of range to get back and then some.

And the other guy starts with “one of THOSE electric cars…”

Damn Conservative Hippies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wha’? I cannot un-think that!

I enjoyed the info on the vehicle but please somone tell that reporter that the long hair makes him look ridiculous. He must be going through a midlife crisis trying to hold on to his youth.

Maybe Mullets are still in style in Texas.

Eh.. He can do his hair however he wants. At least he HAS hair. I started losing mine in my 30’s.