Tevva Motors Introduces Range-Extended Electric Trucks In UK

FEB 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Tevva produce EREVs (Electric Range Extended Vehicles) in the 7.5 tonne N2 category

Tevva produce EREVs (Electric Range Extended Vehicles) in the 7.5 tonne N2 category

Tevva Motors is a new company that hopes to commercialize electric trucks in the UK.

Unlike previous contenders, such as Modec or Smith Electric Vehicles, Tevva bets on range-extended trucks, which operate mostly in electric mode, but are not limited in range because they have a diesel backup.

There is also no hurdle with charging, as all you need is a 3-phase high power industrial outlet for three hours charging using the on-board charger.

The 7.5 ton truck (with probably some 2 ton payload rating) itself is Chinese made by JAC, but it seems Tevva is ready to convert other models.

Battery pack is good for about 80 miles (130 km) before the diesel engine fires-up.

We will try to track Tevva in future to see whether REx trucks will succeed better than the all-electric trucks we heard much about a few years ago.

And couple older videos:

Tevva Motors Predictive Range Extended Electric Truck Launch Day:

Cleantech Innovate – TEVA Motors – Asher Bennet:

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80 miles is pretty good for a plugin hybrid.

I think plug in hybrid is key for trucks. Trucks need to work 8+ hrs/day and the range on a cold day would be very limiting. I can’t imagine the pain getting stuck with a truck full of goods due to no range left

Yea! you either run zer0 emissions or you Pollute like crazy …Extremists…I like the onboard different flavored juice containers too.. The 90% cleaner burning Natural Gas would be the Proper choice for the generator, I think?….GET RID OF TH DIESEL!

Good luck to Tevva Motors!

Sadly, Smith Electric Vehicles, the EV truck company in my home town, Kansas City, is not doing well. The company has not found many buyers, and has had trouble getting financing to continue operations.

Hopefully Tevva will do better.

Seems a shame Tesla couldn’t bail them out… It would make a nice marriage! MW

Not well designed as an EV. It needs to be far lighter as no reason to be over 6k lbs to carry 2k lbs.
Trucks are a good market for EV drive if designed for it right.

It would be 2000Kg (not Lbs as per the article) so that means 5.5T base vehicle including all the ‘boxes’ etc. that is about what UPS gets on its diesel trucks.

Yes, and for that kind of delivery, the load density probably won’t be too high.

It seems to me to be a well-targeted approach.

Yes I agree, Not very well thought 0ut , at all ,Considering the size of the investment. These guys can’t see the forest for the trees! I guess we all make mistakes…

Hopefully they have a charge hold feature, that way they can drive to London, then run inside the city clean and avoid the pollution charge.

The power train sounds like it yses the Volt concept and is all battery until exhaustion.

I’ve always wondered why (in North America) we don’t have large semi-tractor trailers using a hybrid concept more like the Prius; battery torque to get the whole thing going; regen braking to take advantage of all that mass and potential energy, and a diesel generator to top up the batteries. Heck, the batteries could be slung below the trailer beds.

Anyone know anything about this?