Testing Top Speed Of Tesla Model S …In Reverse – Video

JUN 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

In one of the latest videos put out by DÆrik, the top speed of its Tesla Model S 100D is tested … in reverse (from the 4:10 mark of the clip); which at least in theory, could be very high.

DÆrik’s Tesla

Even Nissan once demonstrated the LEAF operating in reverse at higher speeds on the track at the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In case of Tesla, it seems that software limits the powertrain output, so the top speed in the first try was 15 mph (24 km/h).

In the second try, with the pedal to the metal, speed peaked at 17 mph (27 km/h).

Making use of the opportunity, DÆrik tested also acceleration at 40% state-of-charge…in forward, for the 100D (notes slight incline):

  • 0-60 mph in 4.15 seconds
  • 0-80 mph in 7.11 seconds

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8 Comments on "Testing Top Speed Of Tesla Model S …In Reverse – Video"

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Taylor S Marks

So how quickly does it hit those blistering speeds in reverse? What’s the 0-15 in reverse, and how does it compare to the 0-15 going forward?


I thought the Leaf went like 60-70MPH in reverse?


On the racetrack, a modified LEAF (modified to remove the software-limited reverse top speed) averaged 55 MPH. In reverse.

In theory, the LEAF can go as fast backwards as it can forwards (92 MPH).


Someone out there

Any electric car can go as fast in reverse as it can forwards in theory. The motor doesn’t care which direction it’s turning, neither does the inverter. It’s all up to the software.

Eric Cote

Guess I’ll have to video the top speed of a Volt in reverse. I’ve hit 40mph before but need a better test track.


Whew, what a relief! All those people sitting on the fence about buying a Model S, because of course their primary concern when buying a car is its maximum speed in reverse, can go ahead!

(Warning: The above comment may contain traces of snarkiness.)


Who cares about the speed in reverse, what color is it and how can I get one in that color!!


The only car that could go as fast in reverse as forward without modifications is the DAF.

In the 70’s they organised reverse driving races with them in The Netherlands.