Testing Tesla Model S Parallel Auto Park – Video


This video shows a Tesla Model S making uses of its automatic parallel parking feature, part of the Firmware 7.0 upgrade.

What we like about this video is that it captures the increasing level of difficulty in relation to the reduction of space for parking.

Video description:

Please be kind, my video editing skills are nonexistent.

The car parked itself three times in progressively smaller spaces. My super scientific measuring method (holding a 12″ ruler up in the air) tells me the first space probably had 8 extra feet. The second space had more than 5 extra feet and the final space had slightly more than 4 feet of space to spare.

Note: Parking is on 2x time lapse while getting out and starting over again is on 8x.

Tesla Model S Automatic Parallel Parking Put To The Test

Tesla Model S Automatic Parallel Parking Put To The Test

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How many times will the car try to get closer to the curb?

What is the min space limit when the car says “sorry”.

Can you tell it to parallel park when there are no cars present, or how about just 1 car?

Nicely done video!

Pretty cool. I like to leave about the same distance fore and aft, once I am done with a parallel parking job. The reason is that if a person leaves and someone else parks there and too close, they won’t be blocking the egress from the space. The chances that both fore and aft will be smaller is possible but less likely.

I don’t believe anyone that can’t parallel park shouldn’t be allowed to drive as not competent.

The same is true of anyone who can’t work a clutch or pump the brakes, but yet we have automatic transmissions and ABS.

Remember in Tesla’s version you do not touch the brake, accel pedal, and obviously not the steering wheel.

Another good video:

This video is better in that it has a screen within a screen to show you the curb view.

Those guys make some really good videos. Nice share.