Testing Tesla Model S CHAdeMO Adapter – Video


The Tesla Model S to CHAdeMO adapter should’ve went on sale last month.  That was the promise made by Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s vice-president of worldwide sales and service (well at least was until recently when was demoted re-assigned to a “customer-satisfaction role”), at the opening of Tesla’s store in Montreal and confirmed again at the 2015 NAIAS.

Unfortunately, Tesla’s site still lists the adapter as “coming soon,” but those on the waitlist are now receiving their units.

Regardless of its status, some Model S owners have in their possession a Model S-to-CHAdeMO adapter.

One such lucky Model S owner is Vincent Everts, the man who demonstrates the usage of the adapter in this video (edit: in Dutch).

The takeaway?  It’s HUGE!

At some point, Model S owners will be able to order the CHAdeMO adapter directly from Tesla’s store for $450.

That's Huge

That’s Huge

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Where is the vid of it charging ?

Great video, BIG adapter. I laughed and only then called the grammar police.

It’s not german that he is speaking. I think it’s dutch.

I was on a tesla waitlist for a few months but mine just arrived last week ($450). Its still huge, but looks slightly smaller than the one in this video.