Testing Chevrolet Volt Mountain Mode – Video


Time To Climb

Time To Climb

Gotta love videos like this…

“A demonstration of mountain mode on the 2012 Chevy volt going over the Coquahala highway in British Columbia Canada, and to debunk poorly written review by a Vancouver Sun reporter that claimed that he was too nervous to drive it over this mountain range because he felt it lacked power based solely on the published specifications.Well done Russ, you really put your foot in your mouth.”

Props to the Chevrolet Volt owners who set out to debunk a negative Volt review.

Of course the Volt can tackle mountain passes.  That’s what mountain mode is for!

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I thought Canadians were braver than this.

There are Canadians, and then there are City Boys! (They can be found in cities everywhere!)

A Real Challenging road would be the Road from Lytton, BC – to the Local Forestry Lookout, about 6,000 Feet above town, and genuine 4 X 4 rocky road climbing!

*Canadians* are. Hell, I personally know some who have done this pass in a 2012 Leaf (hint: it’s not easy, and “possible” is defined as “only if you’re okay with doing it at about 60km/h”).

But reporters who are out to discredit the car in any way they can? Those guys are pansies. See also: Broder.

I mean, like honestly, you’re getting paid to review the car and actually see for yourself whether or not the phrase “it can do the Coquihalla” is true. Shut up and find the truth.


But these days, any joker with access to internet can “write” about something and get “published”.

The standard of journalism has been on a long steady decline ever since the invention of internet…

I did not have any problem going up I70 through Eisenhower tunnel on the way to Craig CO last Aug. I own a 2012 Volt and the only problem I had no hotels including Hamptons and others not even having level 1 outlets for EVs. You talk to the hotel people and they never heard of an EV or electric vehicle. This happened in Hays KS and down the road was Tesla charging station. In the mountains I was able to charge my highest at 50 miles of charge. Leaving CO from Red Feather Lakes I had a 50 mile charge. I drove from Red Feathers to Wellington than to FT Collins ate at Whole Foods and than to I25 exit. That was all EV. I called up Volt Advisors and they could not tell me what happens when you coast 20 to 30 miles on a full charge.

What happens is that you will still be able to regen an additional 0.5KW into the battery and after that, you will be using full friction brakes from then on.

There is an ICE spin mode as well apparently.

No, ICE spin is NOT a Volt thing, rather a Prius thing.

Volt uses the second motor to oppose the main motor once the battery is full. In effect, it dumps the regen power into trying to spin the small motor backwards while the main motor is driving it forwards…

I’d like to see the same test done on an i3 Rex, preferably one that has been hacked to have the mountain mode. I suspect it would do just fine as well.

That article was bad but at least it wasn’t as bad as the old Fox hit piece by Eric Bolling on the Volt and how he states with shock “that the car ran out of electricity, I kid you not, in the Lincoln tunnel both mornings on my way to work”. He claimed that he only lived 20 miles from work with a few stops alone the way. He didn’t mention it was in February and that it just runs on gas after that.

Wow. I wonder when this guy took his video because I JUST went through the Coquihalla Hwy in my 2013 Volt last month and saw another 2013+ dark colored Volt pass me near Merritt.

That portion was the tail end of my 2500km road trip. My average MPG was 44.6 (5.27l/100km) and if it weren’t for the Coquihalla, I would have gotten 46.5MPG (5.06l/100km).

I think that this:
is the original article that the video debunks. Not only was the reviewer afraid to take it on the road, he didn’t know enough about charging it to select the 12 amp setting. He also claims that the 2016 model is smaller, and that the original Volt was “designed for the user with a rather short daily commute”, so he didn’t even read the literature on it.

That review web page has a section for comments. The comments would make painful reading for the reviewer. A few more comments from InsideEVs Volt owners with accurate information would help to limit the damage.

What do you expect from a freelance writer who also happens to be a high school teacher?


Yeah, well, I didn’t want to malign the rest of the teaching community! 🙂

But, I agree about the bona fides of internet journalists.

That web page describes his as one of “our experts”.
Might be worthwhile Jay writing to the editor to point out that the man is no expert.
There is also an email address:
Would be fun if someone local could email him and offer to teach him how to set the charge rate on the Volt.

This is a great video demonstrating how capable the Volt is in mountain terrain, very well done!

That newspaper author really needs to do his homework next time…

Wouldn’t it be funny if the B.C. Police found this video, and this fruitcake got busted for doing ****ing 150 while not looking at the road?

More than likely he’ll get a ticket, yes.

Philip d’s comment about Bolling on Fox “The Five” hit a nerve. I saw that show and shot off a letter to Bolling with a few comments and a few questions. Not surprisingly, I received no reply.