Tested: Tesla Ultra White Seats After 20,000 Miles – Video


Looking good!

It’s an often-asked question – How do the Tesla Ultra White seats hold up to abuse? Do they stain easily? How do they look after extended use?


Luckily for us, the answers to those questions are all contained in this “Tesla White Seats: Durable or Destroyed? 20,000 Miles later!” video from Like Tesla.

The conclusion is that the Ultra White seats are very durable and highly stain resistant. You’ll find a lot more detailed info in the video though, so if you’re considering Ultra White for your Tesla, then make sure to watch the short clip in its entirety.

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The best part !

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I can tell you now, that color will not be in any of my cars in the future…..lol

Try leaving that catchup and coffee on the seats for a month, or six months and then try cleaning again, instead of cleaning it within 30 seconds.

Vegan seat… we used to call that vinyl, or pleather, or Naugahyde. It used to be a cheap imitation, now it’s hip and cool. I’m all good with synthetic seat coverings because honestly, they often surpass leather for durability and ease of cleaning like they demonstrate in the video, just don’t charge me extra for “eco conscious” Vegan seats.

Have you sat in them? They are the most comfortable seats I’ve ever been in in my life. So soft.

I wish Tesla would offer this material in brown or black.

That’s what my question was going to be. Can you get the faux leather seats in a dark color?

I would like this seats in light brown.