Test Drive Of London’s Range-Extended Electric Black Cab


The range-extended TX taxi, developed by the London Electric Vehicle Company was deemed “surprisingly good” in the first test drive review by Autocar.

LEVC TX electric taxi

The review itself is an endless list of praise, especially compared to the outgoing ICE model.

It’s clear that LEVC put a lot of effort into making the TX a sturdy offering, building on its natural appeal to make the PHEV a globally competitive taxi.

Once production is in full swing, some 150-300 units per week can be assembled in a new £330 million plant based in Coventry.

The magazine says the driving experience of TX feels like one is gliding, as the electric drive well outperforms the old clunky ICE.  The all-electric range is stated at up to 70 miles (112 km), while the acceleration is also excellent.

The roomy six-passenger cabin is very quiet (at least in EV mode during the test), comfortable, and ready for its eight-hours shift duties.

“It’s 20 years since I’ve driven a black cab, but the memories aren’t positive. The cramped seat and surroundings and the bodily shudderings will always be memorable, but worst of all was the heavy, wooden steering; any change of direction was a chore.

That’s all changed now. This new TX’s hydraulic, power-assisted, rack and pinion set-up is super-smooth and accurate in your hands and requires just the right amount of heft to accurately position the straight-sided TX in busy city traffi”

Check out the complete review at Autocar

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I think it’s cool…sue me.

Sure, worth anything?

Sort of off subject, but what in the heck is with Nissan for not flooding NYC with a 40kw electric taxi?
At below cost they would have market share for pennies. I don’t everything, I’d really like to know whats up.

“..I don’t everything..”
Your English ARE terrible! 🙂