Tesla’s VP Of China Operations Discusses Importance Of Hong Kong – Video


Tesla Motors in Hong Kong.

Tesla Motors in Hong Kong.

Veronica Wu, Vice President, Tesla China operations, Tesla Motors, said,We would like Hong Kong to be the Norway of Asia, to showcase the success of EVs. The Hong Kong Government is very open to the idea of electric vehicles and very committed to supporting sustainability.” “

States the video description.

The Tesla Model S was recently made available in Hong Kong (More info here).

Throughout the video, Vice President of Tesla China operations, Veronica Wu discusses the importance of Tesla vehicles in China and Hong Kong.

Just like in Europe, BEVs have benefits in China.  There are tax breaks and incentives such as the ability to get a license plate without waiting years as owners of ICE vehicles typically do in some regions of China. Hong Kong follows guidelines that are similar to China in that the purchase of electric vehicles is encourage by several methods.

We have no doubt the Model S will do just fine in China and Hong Kong.  Hearing Wu discuss the situation affirms our belief.

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I think Tesla will do very well in HK, and by extension China for a number of reasons.
Clearly evidenced in this video, support from the government. The less polluting aspects of ev’s, which folds nicely into the efforts by the Chinese to reduce air pollution, and the desire to keep up with Chang’s if you will, a play on keeping up with the Jone’s.

And because HK has a lot of wealth everywhere and they love American cars.

Love their american cars? You must mean love their German and Japanese cars.

Hong Kong sales by manufacturer:

1. Toyota
2. Mercedes
3. BMW
4. Volkswagen
5. Audi
6. Honda
7. Nissan

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla is the largest US car manufacturer in Hong Kong already 🙂

Tesla talks often of China and Hong Kong sales, a little less of Japan, but never of South Korea or Taiwan. Those two places seem very well suited with wealth and geography. Has anyone heard about sales plans for those areas?

Hong Kong sells 10 times less cars per year then Norway and has less incentives in place, they may sell few hundred cars to rich early adopters, but sustainable annual rate is few hundred cars. Most Popular car in HK sells like 2500 cars a year (out of ca, 50000)