Tesla’s Truckee, California Supercharger Makes Trips To Lake Tahoe A Breeze


Truckee Shown As Under Construction Depicted By Cone On Map

Truckee Shown As Under Construction Depicted By Cone On Map (now live)

One of Tesla’s newest U.S. Superchargers is ideally located near popular tourist destination Lake Tahoe.

The Truckee Supercharger, with six charging points, is just Northwest of Lake Tahoe.  It provides a nearby spot for Tesla owners to quickly charge up either before or after spending some time at/on Lake Tahoe.

As Nevada Appeal states:

“…six charging bays with “Tesla” written on them can be seen behind Safeway on Donner Pass Road.”

Steven Poncelet, public information and conservation manager for Truckee Donner Public Utility District, commented:

“Tesla’s significant investment in Truckee supports Truckee Donner PUD’s belief that we are a major stop on the Interstate 80 corridor and a major destination for plug-in electric vehicles,  Tesla’s investment is because their customers want to drive their plug-in electric vehicles to Truckee/Tahoe.”

“The ‘electrification’ of Interstate 80 and the Truckee/Tahoe community appears to present significant opportunities.”

Nevada Appeal adds:

“Poncelet said he believes Truckee needs more public-access charging stations, but funding is a challenge.”

Well, funding is not a challenge for Tesla, though its Superchargers can’t be used by vehicles not badged Model S.

Source: Nevada Appeal

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According to web supercharge.info is supercharger in Truckee (CA) already alive from Tue, Aug 26 2014… so not under construction like is on the map screenshot.

It makes sense to have a supercharger on the way to the Giga factory.

It is good that they finally got one installed there. This was a glaring missing charge point for the many many SF Bay area Model S drivers.

Really? I thought it would be easy to reach Tahoe if you fill up at Roseville or Folsom. What am I missing?

Any guesses to a waiting line forming this winter on Sunday afternoons? Or will that start when the Model X is released

If you are returning to the Bay Area on Sunday afternoon it is mostly downhill from Truckee, so it should be easy to make it to the Folsom supercharger unless you battery is really depleted…

This will also free up L2’s that Teslas hog for-ever as they fill their swimming pool with a garden hose.