Tesla’s To-Do List Now Focused on Model S Exports to Europe, Then Asia


For Tesla Motors, it’s “To-Do” List is dwindling down.

Soon We'll Be Headed to Asia

Soon We’ll Be Headed to Asia

Make a profit?  Check.

Pay back the US government.  No problem.

Outsell some luxury vehicles in Q1 in the US?  Done.

Get the highest rating ever from Consumer Reports?  You bet.

Okay, maybe those last two items weren’t on Tesla’s list, but here’s one that definitely is: Delivery to Model S to European customers.

That’s what’s next for Tesla Motors and is basically the automaker sole focus at this point in time.  As Elon Musk told Bloomberg TV:

“The next step is delivery of Model S vehicles to Europe because thus far, all of our production has gone to North America.  We’ll start shipping to Europe with arrivals there in July. Then we’ll start shipping to Asia in the fourth quarter, and really expanding the exports of the Model S.”

It’s export time, it seems.

Tesla’s Model S customer base in the US may be dwindling, but there are thousands eager to buy the electric sedan overseas.  Even Musk admits that most Model S sales from here on out will come from outside of the US.

So, what’s on Tesla’s “To-Do” list after this?  The Model X.

Source: Bloomberg

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I really wish they’d skip the model X and go straight to the high volume, lower priced vehicle.

David, now you know they can’t do that. They need to expand the use of their existing subframe/battery/power system first. After all this company has to make a profit. Elon cannot afford to subsidize it forever. They are talking about a truck version too.

The 3rd generation “Blue Star” (the Model S was White Star) requires the next generation batteries. There are many promising battery breakthroughs at the research level, but it takes many years to commercialize. And even though I am excited to see all these breakthroughs, they are always about one aspect of lithium batteries or another, what is needed is to bring several of these breakthroughs together. Most announcements have been on variations of silicon anodes, but the matching cathode is proving to be much harder to achieve. Some have stellar energy density, but poor power density, or charge cycles. Then there is the all important price. I am sure Tesla is keeping a close eye on these developments, but equally sure they have not been able to pick one yet for Blue Star.

I would go for the high volume before the model X as well. A two hundred miles version, but mainly a one hundred mile version with a micro Rex like in the BMW i3. That would be cheap straight forward and convenient.

I would say 25% gross margin with no ZEV credits is still on the to do list, and arguably the most important (to Wall Street) for staying in business.