Tesla’s Supercharger Station Map for Europe Now Online

AUG 28 2013 BY STAFF 8

Tesla Finally Fired Up Its Online Map of Supercharger Stations in Europe

Tesla Finally Fired Up Its Online Map of Supercharger Stations in Europe

18 in the US and 4 in Europe.

That’s the official count of operational Tesla Supercharger stations.

Tesla just released its map of Superchargers in Europe and from that we can see that 4 are online now in Norway.  2 additional Supercharger stations will open in Norway 2 days from now.

There will soon be more Superchargers in Europe, though we don’t yet know where they will be located.

And in the US, Superchargers are popping up weekly it seems, including the 19th that comes online tomorrow.

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I’d like to see what kind of reception they get for Superchargers in Germany. They seem keen to have a national DC charging standard, yet they are getting invading by the USA and Japan.

Ooh, that’s too soon 🙂

I forecast that the new EU charging standard will be called DeFacto.

I noticed this on the supercharger map today as well. Wasn’t sure how long it has been there and was wondering if it was just me that missed it.

Looking at the map, Norway is basically done. The rest of Europe doesn’t look like it will be very difficult based on the Norway spacing.

Looks a little sparse 🙂

Come on Sweden, Stockholm, Jönköpng, Malmö and Gothenburg should do the trick.
I charge at home 230 volts works great every day.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Must be nice to have a block-heater-plug infrastructure in place that can accept EV chargers! I reckon Minnesota might also have the same sort of thing..

Jönköping will need two so Jönköping and Huskvarna will cover most travels in the south of Sweden. You can skip Norrland and Gotland or maybe not skip Gotland it’s so nice there. 🙂