Tesla’s Revenue From China Tripled In 2016 To Exceed $1 Billion


Tesla Model X in China

Tesla Beijing

According to its recent SEC filing, revenue in China tripled last year to more than $1 billion in China.

Automotive News adds:

“China accounted for more than 15 percent of Tesla’s more than $7 billion of total revenue last year, according to a U.S. regulatory filing. Sales from the U.S. more than doubled to $4.2 billion.”

Tesla got off to a soft start in China initially, but once the automaker began addressing  certain issues such as charging infrastructure, sales began to pick up.

The automaker doesn’t release sales by country, but revenue figures show that China is now a strong player in Tesla’s playbook (we can say that about ~7,500 Model S sedans were estimated registered in 2016).

Additionally, the SEC filing shows that more than 97 percent of revenue for Tesla comes from its automotive businesses. The reaming 3% is from energy generation and storage through its Powerwall and Powerpack  sales.

Source: Automotive News

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Is reaming supposed 2b remaining?
Seems likely.

@Eric Loveday : would be great to update the article with your guess as to how many Tesla’s that might represent. Don’t know what the price is with exchange rates and all, but if the average revenue is $125,000. then that’s 8,000 vehicles.

I can add some of that data in, as there was almost ~7,600 Model S registered during the calendar year, which doesn’t speak directly to the exact number, but gives an idea of the volume.

Were any X cars sold in China last year? I read somewhere X now outselling S in China, but they offered no sources for this.

BTW, tesla-mag (in French) claims they just got leaked a secret list of Model 3 prices. http://www.tesla-mag.com/prix-model-3/

Jay, can your sources verify these Model 3 prices? We really wanna know! Thanks for your hard work…

Yes, some Model X were sold in China last year, but it was spotty month to month until the last month or so. How many? Perhaps ~2,500. I confess that is an extrapolation as we failed to run down some monthly numbers for early Fall.

The X definitely outsold the S in December and January…about 1700 between the two months.

I’d say the Model 3 stuff is nonsense (not that the source doesn’t believe it from where it came from)…but just my 2p on the subject, lots of things there just don’t make logical sense, and with configs still months off, it is unlikely Tesla would even have set numbers/states like that.

Things like solid EPA numbers (it would say EPA estimates at this point), and just the fact the number of people who would have access to that sort of data at this point you could count on 1 hand likely…so there would be firings. I’d say the 280+ mile offering starting at $40k, and being just $5k over the base makes no logical sense, then the 340+ for another 5k, etc.

Again, just my 2p.

Good to know that Tesla is doing better with its China sales, altho apparently the Chinese market segment is still a smaller fraction of Tesla’s total sales than the company initially planned.

Go Tesla!