Tesla’s Reputation Rankings Soar While Google And Apple Drop


MAR 22 2018 BY EVANNEX 18


A few of the tech giants have experienced a startling shift in public perception over the past year. According to Reuters, “Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google corporate brands dropped in an annual survey while… electric carmaker Tesla Inc rocketed higher after sending a red Roadster into space.”

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Above: A few of the brand attributes associated with Tesla (Behance: Laurie Kimball)

It’s reported that “Apple dropped to 29th from its previous position of No. 5, and Google dropped from 8th to No. 28. Apple had ranked No. 2 as recently as 2016, according to the annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient poll released on Tuesday. The poll, conducted since 1999, surveyed 25,800 U.S. adults from Dec. 11 to Jan. 12 on the reputations the ‘most visible’ corporate brands.”

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Harris Poll’s CEO John Gerzema explained that “Google and Apple, at this moment, are sort of in valleys. We’re not quite to self-driving cars yet. We’re not yet seeing all the things in artificial intelligence they’re going to do.” Others in the tech space suffered too — Facebook didn’t even crack the top 50 this year.

Above: Tesla’s Model S (Instagram: teslarentuk)

Meanwhile, “Elon Musk’s Tesla climbed from No. 9 to No. 3 on the strength of sending Tesla Roadster into space aboard a SpaceX rocket.” Gerzema noted, “It’s incredible… this ‘The Right Stuff’ attitude is able to capture the public’s imagination when every news headline is incredibly negative. They’re filling a void of optimism.”

Here’s a look at the top 50 rankings for this year’s Harris Poll Reputation Quotient Poll:

Above: Harris Poll Reputation Quotient Poll top 50 rankings (Source: Harris Poll)

Even though Tesla has pulled ahead of Apple, Google, and Facebook, it’s still lagging behind “Amazon.com [which] held on to the No. 1 spot, which it has held for five years with the exception of 2015, when it slipped to No. 2. Gerzema attributed Amazon’s ranking to its expanding footprint in consumers’ lives into areas like groceries via its Whole Foods acquisition.” Guess it’s worth giving kudos to Jeff Bezos as he chalks up a much-needed victory in the tech maverick’s ongoing contest with Elon Musk.


Source: Reuters via Harris Poll

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Google drop isn’t surprising given their left wing political stance. Apple has more money than sense. Tesla is a growing company with whole lot of potential. I’m curious when IEV will cover “Why Tesla isn’t broke”

Another Euro point of view

They will cover that subject sometimes late summer upon next equity raise, by now discussing this topic might be too much of a sensitive issue 🙂

Somebody explain to the euro troll how this very article explains why Tesla isn’t likely to be broke any time soon. It’s about reputation baby, something all the sad little trolls working this forum every day haven’t managed to even put a dent in!


Not possible. Another Euro FUDster’s mind is made up; he refuses to be confused by the facts! 😉

They aren’t done digging.

U think that google’s drop has to do with politics?
Seriously. You need to get on ACA and get some lithium.
You far righties are just insane with your POV that the entire world revolves around your fascism.

And if you do not know why Tesla is not broke, then you obviously have yourself far too wrapped in other things.
They continue to get investments over and over while growing the company. They have access to MANY billions if they absolutely need it. I think that once they hit 4000 cars / week, which is coming this year, they will be just fine. And that does not include what the semi-trucks and roadsters are going to do for them.

“You far righties are just insane”

Considering about half the population voted for Dump, it’s probably you who is insane when you think 150M people are insane. It’s guys like you who will get Dump re-elected.

It’s insane guys like you who think 150M people as insane who are really the fascists. Fascism is about state control, which is pretty much what socialism is. Indeed, this is why the most famous fascists identified as socialists.

You might try googling “Why Tesla isn’t broke” before jumping to conclusions.

Half the population did not vote for Trump. Neither did half the elligible voters. Neither did half the actual voters. Clinton had with 65.8 million votes while 62.9 million went with Trump.

Sparky lives in an alternate reality where the “dear leader” El Trumpo won the popular vote, where there wasn’t a massive and successful social media campaign by Russian trolls to defeat Hilary, and where everything reported on Fox News is actually true! 😀

No point in trying to explain to him what things are like in the real world; he doesn’t live here.

You’re losing all credibility here SparkEv.

SparkEV — you not only overcount the number of people who voted for Trump, you overcount how many Trump voters would count as “far righties” and not just moderate righties voting for whatever candidate with an (R) by their name, or anti-Hilary voters. I assure you those are not the same number.

Trump didn’t even get a simple majority of all the Republican Primary votes, he only got 44% of those votes, but because there was no single strong contender, he was the winner with only 14 million.

He is the only President ever elected having never gotten the simple majority of voters to choose him in either the primaries or the general election.

-Software quality dropping thru the floor.
-Downgrading of app features, like iTunes.
-iPhoneX sure it’s nice, but not $1000 nice.
-The iMac Pro only comes with a huge screen, this could have been a more portable 21 inch model, and sold much better.
Their segment differentiation is helping them lose sales.
The iMac still has no height adjustment after how many years?

When the CEO doesn’t actually use the product, it doesn’t come out well.

Like Mary Barra at GM, does anyone believe she actually drove the Bolt for more than one mile? Otherwise, It’d have a real suspension, and a nicer interior, for a $44,000 car.

Google, left wing political stance? Never heard that before.
I’ve seen no evidence of it either.

“Like Mary Barra at GM, does anyone believe she actually drove the Bolt for more than one mile? Otherwise, It’d have a real suspension, and a nicer interior, for a $44,000 car.”

Why would that be the reason to have a better interior? CEOs are used to drive $100K car and in her opinion, the car might be good enough for a $30K car because that is how much GM is charging after all the incentives which is exactly what she had in mind.

No Bolt is selling at $44K today. Only a moron would pay that much for a Bolt that has easily $5K discount on it today.

“No Bolt is selling at $44K today. Only a moron would pay that much for a Bolt that has easily $5K discount on it today.”

You do realize that is NOT a good sign, right?

Google’s old motto was “don’t be evil”. That’s something only a liberal would say. Of course, now that they’ve dropped that they can be more conservative.

And I see that you join sparkie in making everything about politics. I hope that you join Sparkie in shorting Tesla, but do it with everything that you own.

Pretty much spot on WRT apple.
As to Google, the idea that politics is influencing it is a joke.
No, they are losing because they have been killing off all their projects and Pichai is nothing more than a regular MBA who is now bleeding Google dry.
Basically, he has moved the company from a long-term POV to the myopic short-term POV that we have seen out of idiots like carly fiorina, meg whitman, Ginni Rometty, Jack welch, Jeff imelt, Donald Trump, etc.
Ppl like these run companies into the ground and then leave them bankrupted. THIS is the evil that Google used to fight. Now, they, have joined the likes of MS, and others in the same BS.

Google is dying. Literally. Pichai is causing it, but sadly, Page is allowing it. Hopefully, Page will realize that he is screwing up badly and fire that idiot, but I doubt it.

Veddy interesting… I haven’t been “keeping up”, and this is the first summary I’ve heard like this. I knew that “Don’t be evil” was stupid and ominous. Plus, what a high bar they set for themselves in the first place!