Tesla’s Next Supercharger Station to Open in Oregon on Thursday


Tesla’s 19th Supercharger station will come online this Thursday in Woodburn, Oregon.

There's Woodburn

There’s Woodburn

This will become Oregon’s first Supercharger station and will expand upon Tesla’s efforts to link the entire West Coast with the Model S chargers.

The Supercharger in Oregon will be located “near the Woodburn Elmer’s, just off Interstate 5 at 255 North Arney Road,” reports Oregon Live.

It seems that not a week passes now without Tesla Motors announcing the opening of at least one more Supercharger.

Tesla plans to have 28 Superchargers in action by the time Summer 2013 comes to an end (September 21).

Source: Oregon Live

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Tesla is rapidly building out it’s SuperCharger network of EV charging stations. Tesla knows more DC Combo charging vehicles are coming in 2014, with larger battery packs, that can take longer trips, and the Tesla fueling stations will be ready.

Look out Exon, Tesla is coming….

9 more will open by September 21, 2013? That’s 4 weeks away. I hope they’re successful and can keep to that schedule. Hey SolarCity – “you can do it!”


Yeah, seems crazy. I don’t see it happening, but as long as it does happen at some point.

I just really wish these stations had a J1772 also. It wouldn’t cost hardly any more to add this. I’d love to be able to stop at one of these stations in my Volt and charge up while eating lunch or something along with the Tesla people. Being that Elon Musk has stated his end-goal of nudging other manufacturers to build electric cars too, you’d think they’d give us a J1772 at these stations. I guess Chademo would be nice too, but at least you can make the argument that the J1772 wouldn’t cost much to add.

We have a Volt and a Leaf, and a Model S. I don’t think there would be any payoff for Tesla to provide charging for a Leaf or Volt. I want Tesla to play its own game and let the “old boys” try to keep pace.

Actually I spotted this in the description of the Cinderella site:

Public Charging

Chademo, Combo and 22 kw AC will be on site late 2013

So it’s not out of the question that Tesla could start operating a for-profit charging station model to supplement income and help pay for the electricity for the SC’s at least.

There are blink stations to use there. Tesla might open it up to other cars but they will charge for it. He was careful to say that Model S (and roadster) owners could charge there for free. Implying that buyers of other Tesla models will probably not get free charging for life.

They have sub-contractors working on the Superchargers. I believe there are different subs for N,E,S and West US. Have been a couple of interesting articles about Supercharger stations being “found” before they were opened.

Always get a good feeling when I read of a new one being opened. Kind of like “well there’s another x tonnes of CO2 saved”. Absolutely can’t wait for cross-country travel to be possible and the flood of stories / you tube videos that will come with that.

I don’t necessarily care about the CO2 saved, but I too get a good feeling every time one is opened. I feel like that is one more nail in the coffin for Big Oil. Unfortunately, their coffin is pretty big so it will take a lot of nails!

Gradually working their way South. They’re working on Elon Musk time, so naturally they’re behind compared to wherever he said they are, but this is another step to connecting the East coast, and with every one they add, it’s another headline, more usable range another step towards the full coverage that’s needed. In this case, it’s a step towards connecting the West coast. Hopefully there will be plenty of sites in Southern OR and Northern CA eager to have Tesla owners stop to charge.

s/ In this case, it’s a step towards connecting the West coast.//

Actually, they are set to open 6 Superchargers in Norway on Friday, so they will likely be AHEAD of schedule to double their numbers.

Stange, but this supercharger is not listed for summer 2013 on Tesla’s Website.


Also, they just added a map of the current network in Europe!

No, this station was in the “Fall 2013” group, but I’m guessing that everything went really well when it came to site acquisition, legal agreements, etc.

o/` The dream of the ’90s is alive in Portland. o/`
“Remember when electric cars were the rage?”
o/` The dream of the 1890’s, Portla-a-and. o/`

So I’ve griped before about the network not being good enough to get me far from my house, and the next thing I know they build a 2nd one within the Tesla’s range from my home.

I’ve heard gripes from owners that they are at locations where there is nothing to do. Woodburn has an outlet mall within walking distance from this location. It looks like in the same parking lot there is a Arby’s and Elmers, if that’s your thing. Also there is a Starbucks at an adjacent parking lot.

There are still many places I couldn’t take trips that I currently can do, at least without long delays, in a Tesla. However, it is understandable that they cover I-5 first. Nice work Tesla, and thank you early adopters.