Tesla’s Newest Easter Egg Brings Forth A Psychedelic Cowbell Road – Video


Easter Egg Reveals Rainbow Road

Easter Egg Reveals Rainbow Road

Tesla’s newest Easter Egg popped up over this past weekend when software update¬† was applied.

This update apparently fixes/changes some Summon mode features, though we’ve yet to hear exactly what’s been tweaked.

However, the Easter Egg temporarily brings about a rainbow “cowbell” road in Autopilot mode (demonstrated in video above by Bjorn Nylund).

Activation is simple. All you need to do is to activate autopilot then pull back on the autopilot stalk 4 times rapidly. Ride the rainbow!

Elon Musk Tweets On Activation Method

Elon Musk Tweets On Activation Method

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The Psychedelic Cowbell Road is a clever demonstration of how Tesla’s OTA updates continue to improve Tesla cars after the sale.

What car maker other than Tesla would embed a gag in their “beta” auto pilot software? Clearly the suits, bean-counters & lawyers are not calling the shots at Tesla. Tesla is being run by brilliant childish employees from the CEO on down…I like that. Need More Cowbell!

Are we sure that Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road is not a more appropriate reference to this easter egg?

Or is everyone scared S*!7less that Nintendo would sue?

@offib, No. “The need more Cowbell!” SNL reference to this Tesla gag is clever on several levels…it truly is a brilliant gag by whoever conceived it at Tesla. The audio in the above video does not adequately tie-in the cowbell…cowbell is what puts this gag over the top.

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

Explore the space………

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell…

Mum, you need to lay off the cowbell.

Easter eggs are cool, wish my Volt had Easter Eggs.

Bjorn Nyland also has a longer video that has some better sound to it on his Youtube page called “Enabling easter egg rainbow lane with autopilot”

Yes, it is a good one too. We’ll add it into the story too.

/thanks Brian

Okay, I didn’t realize it F’n played __ACTUAL COWBELL AUDIO__ when you activated it…

What is weird, is how quickly this cowbell stuff was added and then distributed, mere days after the tweet-storm over users demanding more cowbell in their Tesla Firmware.

I’ve never seen ANY automaker respond to such requests, with such speed & humor.

I love Tesla’s Easter eggs. As hard as they work, it is good to see them having a little fun as well. Really awesome for customers as well. I bet it makes them feel like part of the a Tesla team, and in a way they are.


Obligatory Kdawg meme . . .

Shouldn’t that be “the only prescription is more kWh bell”? (pronounced “ku-weh-bell”)

I’m sorry… but aside from the obvious… what the hell is ‘cowbell’?!

I take it you’ve never seen the Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken as the crazy music producer who always wants “more cowbell” in the song?

To see the SNL “More Cowbell!” video Click on the top image (the SNL Cowbell Skit) of the below Hulu link.