Tesla’s “New Product” Announcement Pushed Back To Wednesday – “Needs Refinement” Says Musk

Elon Musk


New Product Announcement Not Coming Today

New Product Announcement Not Coming Today

Today is October 17th, but the promised new “product unveiling” from Tesla won’t be revealed as planned.

Instead, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, that announcement will come on Wednesday as it “needs a few more days of refinement,” says Musk via Twitter.

Announcement Now Scheduled For Wednesday

Announcement Now Scheduled For Wednesday

It’s still a guessing game as to what “new product” will be announced. Some of the front runners include:

Or maybe it’s something entirely unexpected? We’ll find out two days from now. Oh the suspense…

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You mean one of Musk’s deliveries/announcements won’t happen on time? Color me shocked!
Tesla usually delivers a great product, but they do tend to deliver it a couple months late. A few days here will actually be improving their average.

Marketing… or how to increase the suspense…

“Sorry to be two days late at being years in advance of the competition”
– Priusmaniac

Precisely… in the lead… no worries… love the Tesla Bank idea, cuts one more parasite out of the deal.

RexxSee said:

“Marketing… or how to increase the suspense…”

Right, just what I was gonna say.

* * * * *

How to create media attention:

1. Announce that you’re gonna make a big announcement on a certain day.

2. On that day, announce that the announcement has been delayed, but only by a few days.

3. Sit back and watch the media whip themselves into a frenzy.

Yup, Tesla has the media broken to saddle, and is riding it like a pro.

It seems more like Tesla spin masters, including you, are in a frenzy to put a positive spin on yet another Tesla delay. 😀

Lucky for us there is always trolls around to keep the FUD alive ?

They’re almost as bad as Mitsubishi and their Outlander coming to the US BS. Almost…

Outlander is the Gran PuBah King of it though.

At least the Outlander exists in this universe, though. I’m giving VWAG the trophy for most vapor.

Well. It is won’t involve Mars travel because that’s already been solved.

It can only be, the much anticipated Elon Musk cologne.

“refinement” = more cow-smell

Just calling it “Musk” would be too obvious right?
Although EMusk would be strangely appropriate… or in the age of little letters are cool eMusk

It’s been parodied a while back:

moving it was definitely (unexpected by most)

Pretty bad when you make an announcement for a product the masses weren’t expecting (so no deadline of any kind), then still end up postponing the unveil. Lol

Must make Model 3 reservation holders feel good.

Well I can live with THIS delay.

Nope. The reality is, one does not have much to do with the other, time-wise.

It’s supposed to be a product and it’s not going to be something earth-shattering or they would make a much bigger fuss about it so I think it’s some small auxiliary device to the car. Perhaps a CCS charging adapter.

Maybe the announcement will be earlier than expected Model 3 configuration / ordering. This could also tie into company not needing financing if Tesla also takes additional down payment $$$ to get earlier in line for first production models.

“Sorry to be two days late at being years in advance of the competition”

I’m amazed that what I was expecting this to be isn’t on your list: Powerwall 2.0. Musk earlier said that it’d be out “this summer”. I couldn’t find the insideevs article on this quickly but quote here:
“We’ll be coming out with a version two of the Powerwall probably around July or August of this year, which will see a further step change in capabilities,” said Musk during the appearance, which mostly focused on the automobile aspects of Tesla.”

That’s what I’m expecting to see on Wednesday.

Hey Durkle,

Its only not a selection because Musk pretty well said that event specifically was on the 28th. I mean it ‘could’ be Powerwall 2.0, but that seems a bit lame to hype…and takes the legs out of the other event at the same time.

Elon’s original tweet:

If it were model 3 wouldn’t they have a big event like they’ve done for all the others? I’d scratch that off the list. It’s the powerwall and new autopilot hardware and partnership(s) so they can focus this week on the Tesla. Then come back at the end of the month with the new solar roof. At that point they can sell their idea of why combining the companies would make sense.

“Announcing the new Tesla Vibrator… supercharging included”.



If they’re rebadged “Beats”, I’ll be angry.

Portable power pack for camping or emergency power?

Unbundling of the supercharger option with the goal of attracting TM3 customers to the higher priced (but now lower MSRPed) Model S/X which also helps with SC congestion…

Then the supercharger KW credits…Tesla can use them for promotions/referrals in the future and you could get them for your friends/family as gifts, just in time for the holiday season…

Clearly Tesla has their sh-t together. The dog just ate the announcement, that’s all.


Imagine if Elon announces that you can buy a low end model S now with special financing that exactly emulates model 3 pricing ( except twice as long duration). Then when the model 3 arrives, you can simply flip over your financing to your new model 3 and it have it completely or partially paid for.

A CCS to Tesla Supercharger adapter with pay-per-use supercharging.

That’s a good one.
I’ll with that.

One could only hope, but that would probably not help the Tesla Model 3 Launch, and its biggest Tesla OEM “PERK”! Keeping the Tesla SC Network “INHOUSE”, and Brand Specific, is what differentiates Tesla from all the other ICE brands.

I actually came here to write this same hopeful thing. CCS Charging at Superstations… is it incredibly unlikely? Absolutely. XD

But that would definitely be “unexpected by most”!

It might actually be a good long term financial decision too and generate some good press… Chevy Bolt stealing the Model 3’s “thunder”? Hardly! Tesla will be the go-to long distance charger for Bolt and i3 owners. 🙂

Only two days of refinement, I guess I can wait in this particular instance. If this delayed announcement, when revealed, leaves me underwhelmed, can I get a refund with a two day advance “sneak peek” on the next upcoming announcement? The Press caught me – Hook, Line, and Sinker! I have swallowed everything! This Telsla bait tastes a little like stale Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander US Launch.

I am still heavily leaning towards AutoPilot 2.0 hardware. Tesla just blew out inventory, had a short stoppage on the production line and dropped two colors. Could be new features on S and X or maybe just needed for increased 100 kWh production.

My guess on the AP 2.0 hardware is multiple front facing cameras, rear facing camera, redundant front and rear radars, new dedicated processor for AP (likely the NVIDIA hardware). Maybe also get new processing hardware and screens for the infotainment in prep for the new Linux kernel later this year.

But nothing would surprise me with Tesla right now, there are lots of irons in the fire.

AP 2.0 already had a minor “reveal” release…Also an “announcement” wouldn’t need to be delayed for product tweaking…

Even Tesla’s announcements about things are delayed. Too funny.

Two events in one week, and just one delay.

You know, a 50% delay rate isn’t bad for multiple (Significant?) events scheduled during the same week…

I think it’s a pickup truck like a Ford F150, the best sold car in the US. An electric pickup truck is more powerfull than a ice pickup truck.

Just a guess and my crystal ball is down BUT I look at Tesla not having to raise any Q4 funds (so says Musk) and Apple scaling back their Titan car project (and laying people off) and I think, maybe, the announcement is that Apple or Google will make a large investment (not a take-over) in Tesla and become Tesla’s bank?

It could just be this announcement:

Tesla, Panasonic to collaborate on solar manufacturing

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors said it would collaborate with its longstanding battery partner, Japan’s Panasonic Corp, to manufacture solar cells and panels at a New York factory.

Read full article here: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-panasonic-solar-cells-idUSKBN12H08V

Doesn’t warrant it’s own event especially when there’s a specific SC announcement at the end of the month…Also why would it need “tweaking”?

The more I think about it, the more the I’m thinking it’s overpriced bluetooth headphones…Was quietly “revealed” for the referral program…The most popular phone in the world is the iPhone which just dropped the headphone jack (credible leaks state the Galaxy S8 will drop the jack as well) so folks could be scrambling to find headphones…As with Beats, it’s been proven people will overpay for the “cool” factor…Endless advertising/exposure with athlete wearings these…