Tesla’s New “Launch Mode” Helps Model S “Accelerate As Quickly As Possible”

DEC 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 40

Tesla recently released a new firmware 2.9.40 update, which brings to some Model S (P85D and P90D) owners an all-new “Launch Mode.”

The Launch Mode’s task is to make the car “Accelerate As Quickly As Possible.”  

Some of the Tesla Motors Club forum members state that acceleration improves with Launch Mode:

KyP85D:“It feels quicker. Power tools still reads 3.5 0-60”

“I’ve probably only tried it 4-5 times but I’m going to guess maximum benefit from this is going to be limited by traction. Given I’m on 19in tires with 28k miles but when launched there is an immediate tire slippage. Then you feel traction control kick in and then the power pick back up. I believe the improvement would be very significant if they would back off on the traction control a little and allow the tires to just spin a some.”


“The car launches a lot harder now. The pedal dance is also incredibly easy to do. Simply press the brake with your left foot. Floor then release then floor (can be done very quickly) then side step the brake and she goes. There is absolutely no wait and you can do the sequence as fast as you can press and release the pedals because the system does not have to do (much of any) spooling up. You do feel the car load up against the brakes when you floor it the second time before side stepping the brake. I tried not to leave it like that very long and found the car launched just as hard even when doing the sequence very quickly. Put differently, the pre-loading against the brakes happens as fast as you can get the throttle to the floor and side step the brake.

Very nicely done Tesla.”

Source: Tesla Motors Club

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I can’t wait for new 0-60 times to roll in. 2.9 sec for P90DL is too close to 2.95 sec for Corvette Z06 and 2.5 sec theoretical. We need more margin!

Do you mean a P90D badge that is underlined? You will not be able to identify it by a P90DL badge because there is not such a thing.

Official 0-60 times likely won’t change.

Because roll-out.

How about a lighter, smaller model III with a P9DD set up

Model 3 will be only rear wheel drive but second Roadster 2019 with that power will be insane.

What about a 3 motors, six wheel Roadster?

Six wheels suggests a larger vehicle. Perhaps a Rolls-Royce concept car? 😉


Model 3 will of course not only be rear wheel drive.

It will most definitely be available in a D-version.

Not to mention 1600lbs lighter the 3 will
Another thing they could do it have optional higher number gear ratio’s could get the same acceleration and more efficient, longer range, better towing by dropping top speed to 100-120 mph.
I understand they need the high top speed for bragging rights but no reason everyone need pay the cost that are never going to use it.
0-60 or 1/8 mile performance is what matters in real life in the US, other speed limited countries. 30mph above posted speed limits is enough.
And a higher ratio would do wonders for performance where it counts, especially towing and allow smaller motors, controllers for the same performance.
Now add lighter weight for the P3D and it’ll be hard to beat with it’s low CG handling wise either.

Had heard dual would be an option?

It only makes sense.
Having developed dual-motor / AWD, why not make it available if the customer is willing to pay for it?
Tesla needs all the $ they can get so the more option$, the better; just so long as they don’t keep on with the everything-costs-extra-nickel-and-dime strategy that some automakers employ.

Or a lighter S with more energy dense battery.
Let’s say 90 kWh pack at half the weight.
It would crunch the 0-60 number much farther than adding 100 kW output.

I wonder if “side step the brake” means slip your foot off the left edge of it so it pops back/up quicker. May not matter as if it electronically sees you let up on the brake at all it may just automatically fully release the brake since you are in launch mode.

I enjoyed a sandwich while reading this article.

Because I was in Lunch Mode.

That’s Ludicrous!

@goodbyegascar and sven: That was hilarious! LOL

You guys are insane.

Ethically, this should be released only on cars with auto stop. It would also be nice to give a valet-like mode for teens, which permanently disables features like this on a per-fob basis.

Parental Controls for cars. Good idea. 🙂

It would be best that the car would detect the teenager or valet and automatically go into “timid” mode, we could ask Bosch for advice.

Its only a spit second difference to mainly eliminate the lag time of throttle pedal trace and driveline slack. Not like its more powerful or something.

For those talking about this drivetrain in a smaller..lighter car, remember even with the sheer size of the model S battery pack, the motors are battery limited below their rated output to begin with.

Model S already has Valet Mode. Not sure how it relates to this function but it limits speed and torque while activated.

You mean exactly what chevy does now with its sports cars and family sedans?

There are hybrids in that group…

Pretty easy to implement extra performance feature via software update. I like the ‘value-added over time’ aspect to Tesla’s vehicles.

Meh, I’d much rather see an announcement that Model X production is ramping ahead of schedule with some 100 units / week or more are rolling off the line. And Model 3 on track for early 2017 deliveries.

The 0-60 horse has been beaten adnausium.

They never claimed early 2017 only 2017.

It probably doesn’t matter to you, but it does matter to Tesla owners asking for it. And the 0 – 60 times must help Tesla sell cars, otherwise they wouldn’t spend time on it.

I am really looking for the Auto 1/4 Mile. I hope that is the 2016 April Fools.

Guy pulls up to the drag strip, gets out, pulls out his phone, activates Auto 1/4 Mile.

Car uses the camera to watch the tree. Pulls up to the line, nails the launch perfectly as it can measure the time between light transitions.

Sets a record 1/4 mils since it is less the weight of the driver.

AutoDrag Mode? Hmmm…

There’s a guy in town spends all his time in autodrag mode.

Or, driver pulls up to the line car precisely positions at the line, then driver suddenly bolts from the car, wile we hear from within the car a voice (from the audio system) “…And stay out! Let me show you how this is done!” – from the cars Auto 1/4 mile app! The lights cycle and the car takes the race! (While the driver is still out walking and shaking their head!)

Then the car comes back and picks up driver.

Heh. That brought to mind the short story “Sally” by SciFi author Isaac Asimov, published 1953:

If it causes the system to provide more power (torque, etc.) to the drive wheels then you can expect even more problems with ‘murmuring gearboxes’ since driving the gears harder will wear down the teeth and bearings even faster than is already happening.

“Ya know Pumba… It’s always about entropy, with you.” 😉

Tesla got the warranty plan in place for this. (They don’t expect those “rich” owners to keep the car that long).

Those who can afford P90D will probably upgrade to the next Pxxx anyway before warranty runs out.

Agree with Bill, these excessive driveline loads are inevitably going to lead to early bearing and gear failures, not to mention tire wear.

As for the comment about “rich owners trading them in first”, that just leads to a reputation for poor reliability as a used car. Tesla already has a reliability reputation problem, why make it worse.

The point about electric traction having high torque and greater acceleration off the line has already been made, ad nausium.

I suspect all these EV parlour tricks are really to divert attention from the fact that Tesla is loosing the first-to-market battle for an affordable 200 mile BEV.

“Tesla already has a reliability reputation problem, why make it worse.”

Because buyers in those price range rarely cares since most of those luxury cars don’t rank that high either…

New cars sales in those price range matters far more than used cars sales as Tesla is already “subsidizing” the CPO price by buying them back directly which is higher than what owners can get on the open market anyway.

Can we please get past Tesla’s 0-60 times?

Its like listening to a bunch of old gear heads talk about V8 Pontiacs and how imported cars ruined the country.

Good idea. We’re all just got over Tesla’s 0-60 times. That was easy!

That’s the same way I launch my 91 GMC Syclone!!