Tesla’s New Head Of Communications Was Poached From Apple




When Tesla’s previous head of communications, Khobi Brooklyn, ‘stepped down’ from her position just over one month ago, we had wondered if Tesla would even bother to fill the spot.

Well, we now know that Tesla swiftly filled the position by poaching an Apple employee.

Sarah O’Brien, previously a lower level communications staffer at Apple, was appointed as senior director of the toughest job in the world communications at Tesla just a short while ago, and likely is already ‘feeling some pressure‘ from above on the company’s recent accidental Q3 US sales disclosure this week.

As PR Week states:

“At Apple, O’Brien worked on iPhone PR and music PR in EMEIA, and she previously worked at EMI Music Publishing and Phonographic Performance, according to her LinkedIn profile.”

“O’Brien wasn’t immediately available for comment. Tesla’s company policy is to not comment on employee matters.”

We sure hope that the addition of O’Brien will help out this undersized and overworked communications team at Tesla.

Source:  PR Week

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Mmm, poached apples.

I guess she’s ready to retire seeing how all the previous ones had.

Hope this Apple has thick skin 😉

Apple is like the German auto manufacturers. To be in a senior position of any kind, you have to put in 20 years with the company to be recognized or promoted. All the the highest position guys are old so how the hell do the young guys work their way up the company when they have ambition? The answer is they don’t.

This is why there is no loyalty to a company anymore and everyone is just trying to get the highest position they can. Better yet, they start their own company has a challenge or go do it their own way. Here’s an example: the man who started Honda didn’t get hired by Toyota in the beginning.

The half-life of folks in this position seems to be about 18 months.