Tesla’s New “Charging Abroad” Tool Makes Country-To-Country Trips Easier


JUL 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 7

This Summer Tesla has released a new “Charging Abroad” website tool, describing the different charging solutions available in countries across Europe.

Tesla Model S

After selecting a country, Tesla advises what charging cables and/or adapters would be handy to have on hand, as well as maps that are recommended for finding charging points.

Diversification between countries sometimes is significant. Besides different specifics for the hardware itslef, there is often also many unique charging providers (in a single country) that require the use of their own network apps to get a boost.

So the app is a near must-have for those traveling across Europe.

Charging Abroad

To make your journey across Europe more convenient, we have summarised the main charging solutions available. In this overview, you can find recommended connectors to bring, resources to find charging locations and suggested charging operators per country.

Here is few examples for Germany, France and Italy:

Tesla “Charging Abroad” – Germany

Tesla “Charging Abroad” – France

Tesla “Charging Abroad” – Italy

source: Tesla via electrek.co

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Off topic, sorry:
When do you think can we expect the EPA range rating for Model 3?
Thanks 🙂

This friday at the unveiling?

I’m never going to ship my car to another country, so doesn’t really matter to me.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s a good idea.

Most EV nerds here have a set of socket adapters in the trunk…..lol

Back home it the USA, they are expanding more than just California Sperchargers! This one was added today on Supercharge.info – here is Tesla’s listing for Toledo, Ohio, just off Interstate 75:

Hoping to see some action in Canada, soon, too! Particularly on Elon’s comment about the Trans Canada Highway being done in 2017! (Got one finally on Vancouver Island, by Nanaimo, but a couple more needed there on the Island, too!)

Tesla should convert all Tesla cars, SCs and Dest.C. worldwide to type 2.

Do us readers realize that Tesla cars have a different charge port outside of US?

Half of Europe is not there! Tesla should definalty show tips for the underdevelop countries were they dont have superchargers!