Tesla’s Model S Supercharger Network to Expand From Today’s 9 to ??


The Announcement is Coming Soon.  Really Soon.

The Announcement is Coming Soon. Really Soon.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive officer will make a “big supercharger” announcement later today (1:30 PM Eastern time).

Current Supercharger Locations (click to enlarge)

Current Supercharger Locations (click to enlarge)

What should we expect Tesla to reveal?  Well, we’re not quite sure right now, but it’s obvious that Tesla needs more than the 9 Supercharger stations that it currently operates.

As the image to the right shows, those Superchargers are located in rather close proximity to one another on either the US’ East or West Coasts.

This mean there’s nothing in between that stretch of what would feel like a billion-plus miles for a Model S owner trying to make that cross-country trek.

We know Tesla aims to have 100 operational Superchargers in North America by 2015, but that’s a ways off.

So, what’s the next logical step?  A few spread across the Midwest?  Maybe a couple in the South?  Possibly include Texas in the mix too?

We’ll find out soon, but for now we ask “Where do you think Tesla should locate it’s next batch of Superchargers?”

Musk's Previous Supercharger Related Tweet...The "Something Else" Was Gov''t Loan Payoff

Musk’s Previous Supercharger Related Tweet…The “Something Else” Was Gov”t Loan Payoff




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You know that golden place you keep the pedal when driving a heavy-regen vehicle in coordination with the power meter to find just the smallest amount of kW needed to keep the car at the desired highway speed? The news is the power output, and the speed is the stock price, and the driver is Musk.



I like the metaphor, and you really nailed it!

David Murray

I just wish these superchargers were compatible with other vehicles, even if non-Tesla owners had to pay a fee to use them.


Tesla seems to be hitting major milestones ahead of schedule, why not the supercharger network?

Eric Loveday

Tesla Supercharger announcement now live on InsideEVs. Biggest news is 120 kW charging coming this summer!! Expansion of network too.