Tesla’s “Live Chat” Feature Aims To Enhance Service Experience


Tesla vehicle getting serviced at a company-owned service center

With the upcoming launch of the Model 3, Tesla stated it would expand it service centers and operations related to servicing the hundreds of thousands of additional Tesla that will hit the roads in the coming years.

Tesla promises to add to its infrastructure footprint ahead of the Model 3 (shown: Tesla Hong Kong Service Center in operation)

Part of that expansion seems to already be underway with the addition of a “Live Chat” feature on the automaker’s MyTesla page.

As Teslarati explains:

“Tesla has introduced a new ‘Live Chat’ feature to the company’s MyTesla page, as it readies itself for the expected increase in customer feedback and service volume requests from Model 3 buyers.

The owner-specific MyTesla web portal now includes a red chat bar located in the lower right corner of the screen that enables a live chat with a Tesla representative.”

Through “Live Chat,” Tesla owners can get in touch with a Tesla technician to troubleshoot various issues directly. This will likely be beneficial for simple problems. A trip to the service center will still be required for anything major, but at least some problems (and an expectation of what a major repair might entail) will be able to be resolved over chat.

Tesla has long been criticized for extended wait times to get vehicles repaired and back on the road. With the launch of the 3 just around the corner, we hope Tesla can continue to cut down wait times for its vehicles in need of repairs.

Source: Teslarati

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Is the plural of “Tesla” still “Tesla” or “Teslas”?


Teslies, Teslies, 1, 2, 3.


Tesla is a brand so you don’t pluralise a brand. You’d pluralise the thing that comes after it e.g. Tesla cars or Tesla stores.

So that explains why we have Prii (not a brand) but no Teslae.

Well, let’s make “Teslae” the standard term used by us Usual Suspects posting to InsideEVs, and hopefully the term will catch on.
🙂 🙂 🙂

If Prius owners can use the invented plural “Prii”, why shouldn’t we Tesla fans use “Teslae?

I hope these “Tesla representatives” are not the same people as the “Comcast representatives”, who treat you like you’re an idiot. All I want is for them to send a tech out, but you have to go through the scripted questions, every time.

Apt concern! They have a robust call center now, and they have been trained and I think all in California. My guess is that, with a car, you can’t get away with a dummy conversation script. This will likely open up Tesla call centers all over the place.

I haven’t experienced a worthwhile “live chat” except with Fidelity Investments. I hope Tesla’s is another exception. This will require a whole lot of people with solid knowledge of Teslas, however. Hmmm . . .

Live chat is a great feature. Beats the heck out of talking on the phone. It’s way more efficient for the company because the rep can be handling multiple customers at one time. Plus, it forces the customer to think about what they say before writing it down.

A win win.

And you don’t have to try to understand a thick foreign accent.

Those Cali accents can be hell sometimes, dude.

Try calling a business after business hours. They aren’t from Cali.

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