Tesla’s Lathrop Facility Now Nearly Complete On Outside: Video

DEC 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Designation of the new facility in Lathrop remains unknown

Construction of Tesla‘s new facility in Lathrop, California is progressing quickly. About one month ago, only two-thirds of the roof was ready, while now (as of December 22) the roof is finished.

With cement poured on the sides and a new small parking lot in the front, it seems that facility is nearly complete on the outside. Here is what the uploader of the video – Troopr1023 – stated:

“Now, the roof is finished. Cement is being poured on each side of the distribution center where all the loading bay doors are located. It looks like the parking lot in the front is also being constructed. Due to the very small amount of parking lot space immediately around this building, I doubt it will be a factory of any sort.

Interesting note: there was a lot of electromagnetic interference while I was flying the drone below 200 feet. I have not had this problem on prior flights. It seemed to be most concentrated in the parking lot area. Perhaps there is something under ground that is causing a bunch of interference.”

The first guess about the destination of the facility was a distribution center for cars produced at the Tesla Factory. Some think that Tesla will produce some vehicles (maybe Semi trucks) or parts there though.

What do you think the site will be utilized for?

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Those are the semi truck charging bays

The dozens of openings don’t go down to floor/ground level, so they’re not drive through.

WOW. What a clean slate for rooftop solar.

This looks like itโ€™s big enough to make/assemble semiโ€™s here. Major parts like batteries, motors, seats etc… will be brought from GF, Fremont factories and assembled here

Where are the solar panels? ๐Ÿ™‚

Presumably those will be installed later, just as at Gigafactory 1, where they are only now starting to be installed.

Rails are being fixed along the long axis of the roof. Possibly solar panel support frames?

Assembly lines for Semi and roadster will fit.

The new Roadster will be made in such small numbers, with much hand assembly, that it doesn’t need anything like a full assembly plant. That could be made in almost any factory of moderate or larger size.

With all the truck docks, it certainly looks like a distribution center. It could be for finished cars, but it could also be for the growing service centers around the country.

I doubt anything will be manufactured there.

Stop using common sense, you might disturb the fantasy crowd ๐Ÿ™‚

Distribution of Repair Parts to Service Centers from this location, within 24 hiurs locally, and within a week, internationally, would be some incredible Fantasy, for sure!

Yep looks just like a Walmart distribution center.

My 2 cents says Tesla is looking to move closer to just in time delivery at Fremont.

A large parts storage wharehouse that’s close by will help enable this while freeing up space at Fremont for extra assembly lines.

Either that or parts distribution to service centers.

Won’t be vehicle storage (waste of money).

Won’t be for manufacturing, the building isn’t zoned for it.

An artist impression of the Chinese GF3, published last week, shows the exact same design: one side with dozens of loading docks. And that facility will be used for producing cars, not parts distribution.

Model Y FTW


A recent article on Seeking Alpha (“Will Tesla build Model Y in Lathrop”) exhibits some interesting thoughts. You can google it. Just as an example: “Adjacent buildings are already filled (since 2014) with CNC machinery manufacturing parts for the Fremont factory, so, Model Y parts could also be built in those machine shops and delivered to the assembly plant next door.”

Because the idea that it’s just a parts distribution center is too boring to be true, hmmm? ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is the beginning of Tesla offering logistics as a service. Tesla will own the trucks and this distribution center, and many more like it across the country. The magic is the driver-free long distance parts.

Is it possible this will be west coast delivery hub for solar roof?


I presume there will be another larger parking lot on another side of the building, for regular employees. Even a distribution center needs people working there, to load and unload trucks and to move parts around inside the warehouse.

My guess is the small parking lot is only for visitors and/or executive parking.

Agree with others, could be Parts Distribution center

I’d go with it’s related to model Y parts, assembly . They are growing so fast it’s hard to tell for sure. I wonder if they have extra space for more expansion there?

Teslaquila facility… yes!

Many loading docks. Looks like a typical parts distribution center. In one side out the other.

This building has a shape of T with the slight project in either side on the left. May be they can do some assembly instead of just using it as distribution center.
Will they place solar panels on top?
After the facility starts running, they can fix solar PV panels; few panels / day slowly that cuts down the grid electricity.

If the Tesla Lathrop Facility was a vehicle manufacturing facility, it would have been announced long ago. This is a distribution facility within easy reach of sea and airports, rail and interstate highways. The world must get it’s Tesla parts.

I live nearby. Itโ€™s likely a distribution center. This part of the Central Valley of California (Stockton, Tracy, Modesto) has huge distribution centers including massive Amazon warehouse operations. Incidentally Stockton tried to get the Gigafactory, but CA cannot really compete with NV when it comes to cost and regulation.

Maybe the Boring Co. will make tunnels between all the facilities to transport parts and personnel instantly between plants.