Tesla’s Latest Video Focuses On Service-Side Improvements Ahead Of Model 3 Deliveries


Tesla service is expanding at a rapid rate.

That’s the takeaway from Tesla’s latest video, which focuses on all sorts of service-side expansion going on at Tesla in preparation for the Model 3.

Here’s the main highlight:

3X Expansion In Service Globally

According to Tesla, some 90% of issues can be solved with over-the-air updates and remote diagnostics. If that doesn’t work, chances are a Tesla mobile technician can come to assist you with your needs. Tesla says its adding some 350-plus new mobile units. A more major issue may require bringing your car into a service center. Tesla has you covered there too with 100+ new service centers coming soon and 1,400 new technicians being added to do the repair work.

Video description:

“We’re making auto service easier. Over-the-air updates and Mobile Service keep you out of the shop. When you need to bring your Tesla in, the experience will be quick and seamless.”

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Are they also tripling the SCs?


Yes, they are. They are nearly doubling the number this year alone, before Tesla even puts out 6 digit numbers of Model 3’s. Then continuing to expand next year.

Expansion is both in the number of locations, and the number of stalls per location. And it also includes urban/suburban charge locations and massive 4X expansion in Destination chargers.

All while the Model 3 will likely be more efficient and won’t come with lifetime free supercharging, so per-car supercharging will be less than what current Model S/X cars use.

It is almost like you don’t read any stories at all about Tesla. How is it that you can whine endlessly on Tesla stories here, and yet stay so completely and utterly uninformed about everything Tesla is doing? Were you dropped on your head as a baby?


No I wasn’t dropped on my head as a baby but I suspect you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

There is no news whatsoever that outlines Tesla’s plan to keep the SC ratio where it is today, or actually improve upon that which is greatly needed, given the Model 3 volume. Doubling the SCs, which is their current plan, isn’t going to keep up anywhere with demand. But then again that doesn’t paint them in a rosy view so you just deny it.

It’s amazing how a supposedly well informed person can make such an inaccurate claim. Well not really, you’re a dumb ass so that’s obviously the reason.

“There is no news whatsoever that outlines Tesla’s plan to keep the SC ratio where it is today, or actually improve upon that which is greatly needed, given the Model 3 volume. Doubling the SCs, which is their current plan, isn’t going to keep up anywhere with demand.” Clearly you can’t do math. Tesla delivered around 185,000 car that supercharge by the end of 2016. Yes, the ratio absolutely gets better this year by doubling superchargers, unless Tesla delivers around 185,000 cars this year. Actual targets seem to be about 130K to 140K. Since you are bad at math, this is less than doubling the existing fleet this year, while roughly doubling the superchargers this year. So yes, the ratio IS absolutely getting better this year, with the ratio of Superchargers to cars improving by likely around 20%. All while demand for Supercharging per car should actually go down on average, due to the Model 3 not getting unlimited free Supercharging, and the 4X increase in Destination chargers taking pressure off Superchargers. And that is just what Tesla is doing THIS YEAR. They haven’t revealed their 2018 expansion plan, but they have stated that they plan to continue expansion in… Read more »
It’s always funny when dumb asses that can’t do math say other people can’t do math. Let’s take your 185k # and Elon’s 20k a month in December of 2017 just for the Model 3. Hmm, So that’s 185k (so far) + 240k for just the model 3 in 2018 and whoa they’ve delivered more than double the amount of cars that can SC. That makes the ratio worse than it is already today. Got it? Clearly not but whatever, I can’t teach stupid people. Tack on to that the Model 3’s from 2017 and the Model S and X’s from 2017-18 and it’s an even worse ratio. With the Model 3 being likely to charge at a rate lower than most other Tesla’s it’s not like they’re gonna be plugged in for less time despite what you suggest. That’s Math 101 dumb ass. Just because it shows that the SC ratio will be worse given their current plans than it is today doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. There is a reason they are looking to triple their service centers. Because they will need them. They also need to triple their SCs at a minimum to keep the ratio about… Read more »
DJ — Wow, what a massive math fail!! You are adding up numbers from TWO DIFFERENT YEARS (2017 and 2018) of deliveries, and comparing it to just ONE YEAR of Supercharger construction. You’ve completely left out the ENTIRE YEAR of supercharger expansion in 2018!!! Your math ASSumes zero new superchargers are built in 2018. What a massive math fail. You don’t even understand how the concept of a year works. The doubling of chargers is IN 2017 ALONE!!! Well in time for 2017 deliveries. Such incredible deep ignorance only comes with willful blindness. ________________________________________ My numbers are absolutely correct, comparing 2017 Supercharger doubling of numbers, along with the number of cars built in 2017, showing that by the end of 2017 Tesla will be about 20% ahead of where they are now. Not like your numbers where you confuse 2018 with 2017, and fail to account for a single supercharger built in 2018. We don’t yet know the exact number yet for what Tesla is targeting for Supercharger growth in 2018, but it sure ain’t ZERO like your massive math fail. In fact, while they haven’t specified 2018 Supercharger growth numbers, they HAVE announced that they will be building multiple… Read more »

DJ, since you failed to count a single Supercharger built in 2018, you failed to account for any of the 40+ charger mega-charging locations that Tesla is starting to build into 2018:

Are you still sticking to your nonsense math that zero Superchargers will be built in 2018, when this is clearly the future of what Tesla is going to be building more and more of in 2018 and forward?

Go ahead and tell us all how these blue prints don’t exist, and how they won’t be building any of these in 2018, and that Tesla doesn’t have any plans to continue expanding after doubling the number of superchargers in 2017. Lie to us some more.


Please point me to the article that says they have a current plan to more than triple their SCs.

I don’t get how you don’t get that. Oh ya, nevermind.

So that is your justification for your bullpucky math that ASSumes zero, zilch, nada Superchargers will be built in 2018? How predictable. You’ve got nothing, zilch, zero to support your BS math with zero chargers being built in 2018, while in reality everything Tesla has said, and everything Tesla has been doing all year indicates that they will continue their ramp-up in 2018 that they started in 2017. If they simply continue to build at the same rate in 2018 that they are building now in 2017, with not a single bit of increase in rate, they will triple the current number of superchargers by the end of 2018. Sadly, you can’t even do that math, and are still sticking to your BS math of zero new superchargers in 2018. But in reality, while we don’t have an official number of Superchargers that Tesla will build in 2018, we know Tesla has plans to build out even larger Supercharger stations than they have ever built before in 2018. So your defense is that because even though all the evidence points to Tesla continuing to build out even more superchargers in 2018, that because I don’t have exact numbers from Tesla,… Read more »

So no article that outlines their plan to keep the SC ratio where it’s at then. TLDR the rest. Thanks for proving my point.

Have a great night


You mean too ignorant, unable to read.

Still sticking to your zero superchargers being built in 2018 claim I see. Yet by your own standards you have no source, and the slightest amount of common sense and all the prevailing evidence is against your moronic childish behavior.

Your “if I cover my eyes I can’t see the sun so it doesn’t exist” routine just keeps exposing yourself the fool. Now a simple yes or no question to prove your intellectual dishonesty:

Do you seriously believe Tesla won’t build a single supercharger in 2018, yes or no?

Too afraid and too childish to answer I’ll bet.

Paul Smith

DJ, your purpose on this site has always to disparage the Teslas so don’t get in a huff when it’s turned on you.


That is actually not my purpose.


Then you better rethink your actions. Because if that is not your purpose, you should change your actions to align with whatever purpose you originally had.

Because if you had some other purpose, you’ve badly lost your way. And now you sound like the guy sitting in jail who said he didn’t intend to go rob that bank, but he did anyways.

Time for you to take a gut check and figure out what your purpose really is, and get yourself straight with posts that actually align with whatever purpose you think you have for posting here. Because if it isn’t your purpose, you are doing it anyways.


Easy, simple question:

Do you seriously believe Tesla won’t build a single supercharger in 2018, yes or no?

Or are you too intellectually dishonest to answer?


You are disgusting, clean up your act.


Because I’m the one that took it from a legitimate question to being uncivil suggested someone was dropped on their head as a baby?


You both are uncivil, you should not be allowed here if you can not behave.


SJC — If you don’t like how I debunk chronic fact-free posters like DJ with a long record of posting intentional math fails and intentional falsehoods, please be my guest and deal with him yourself.

I would welcome your efforts if you want to do it better.


Door is that way sweetheart. BTW you do realise that by name calling in several threads you are part of the uncivil group right?



“Because I’m the one that took it from a legitimate question to being uncivil…”

Wow, do you really think we’re stupid enough to believe your “concern troll” post was a “legitimate question”?

Dude, you have worked long and hard to earn your reputation as a serial Tesla basher. You’ve made your bed, now lie in it… emphasis on “lie”.


I don’t care what you believe poo poo. Then again I don’t come to the internet for validation.


“Were you dropped on your head as a baby?”

No, he didn’t come by his ability to ignore everything contrary to his Tesla-hater attitude naturally. He has practiced long and hard to develop that “skill”.


Math peeve. You cannot use 3X less space. You can use 1/3 the space but not 3X less.


90% of issues resolved with a software update??? That seems, um…optimistic. It certainly didn’t replace my door handles, or tail light seal, or door seals, or drive unit, or trim pieces, or…well, you get the idea. Now, having said that, it was SWEET when the mobile service guys came (twice)!

Stephen Hodges

Actually, what I heard is that 90% of problems can be diagnosed online….. not cured by a software update.


So there are more service centers, more mobile techs, more techs, i.e. more jobs.

It is silly for some states to block Tesla sales under the guise of protecting jobs.

No matter who owns the dealership, a Tesla sale will generate sales tax. The local sales and service infrastructure create local jobs.

No jobs will be lost. Only thing that may be at stake will be political contributions.

It’s disgusting to see a designed in America, made in America product blocked in some parts of America.

Paul Smith

The Model 3 has apparently designed to be more easily manufactured and serviced so that should help greatly.