Tesla’s Latest Hire Hints At Model 3 Getting Advanced HUD


Tesla Model 3 Dashboard

Tesla Model 3 “Blank” Dashboard

Tesla has hired Milan Kovac of Skully Systems. Mr. Kovac was formerly principal engineer at the company that is known for its motorcycle helmet with built in heads up display (HUD). This futuristic technology could be utilized in Tesla’s vehicles.

Tesla HUD 2

Musk’s Tweet About Part 2

An observation of note at the Tesla Model 3 unveiling was the lack of anything on the dashboard aside from the 15-inch video display in the center. A Tesla spokesperson even validated the fact that there “will not” be a standard instrument cluster. No place to see speed and other important info other than the center console? This doesn’t really add up.

Elon Musk has assured the public not to worry and that part 2 of the Model 3 unveiling will clear it all up. It is widely assumed that, with Elon’s Tweets, along with the Kovac hire, some sort of HUD will become the answer for the Model 3.

Added to this, the Model S has Autopilot and uses a digital dash to manage it.  For the Model 3, Autopilot will not be able to be controlled without some sort of display, and without the similar digital dash technology of the Model S, a HUD display would make perfect sense. Kovac’s LinkedIn profile specifies that he is working on Autopilot for Tesla.

tesla HUD

Musk’s Tweet

Musk has stated that the steering wheel in the finished product of the Model 3 will be “spaceship-like” and have many controls. These controls could likely work the HUD displayed on the windshield. Tesla also recently hired a former designer from Porshe’s Mission E. The Porsche is full of futuristic controls and has a holographic dash display.

Obviously, Musk and company are pointing toward the likes of futuristic controls and interior features. An advanced HUD holographically displayed on the windshield wouldn’t be a far stretch, and all the info thus far points to it.

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Hmmm. Interesting!

So, pretty new aspect to the vehicle that’s not even in Alpha yet.

We might start seeing prototype stuff in six to tweleve months, for an update on the interior…

Tesla still has 17.5 months till production starts…

I would prefer it if they had a very regular and cheap(er) steering mechanism. Is this going to be another falcon wing disaster again?


A HUD might be cheaper and simpler. It is just some electronics to project an image on the windshield. An instrumented dash means lots of indicators and different parts that need to be developed and assembled.

The HUD could also be improved via OTA updates without as many limitations as a standard dash.

Indeed. The more software implemented things in the car, the more things they can play around with, customize, and improve. Processors and memory are dirt cheap. So any time something can be implemented a hardware device (analog gauge) or software (display system and code) they’ll probably almost always go with the software version.

New ideas always come up and with software, you can update products in the field for very low cost. The QA and security are EXTREMELY important though.

HUD’s are not new. They have been in airplanes since the 1970’s. In cars since the 80’s/90’s as a redundant display. The only thing new is that it wouldn’t be a redundant system.

Confused! 🙁 What does the HUD (Heads Up Display) of Speed, Autopilot Functions, Energy Levels, etc., have to do with Steering?

Keep it simple. HUDs are nice, and are improving all the time. M3 just needs a simple one, emphasizing clarity and easy to read graphic display. They can be done fairly economically.

Reassuring is how much Mr. Musk has said top priority is building M3. If he starts to go wild with fancy enhancements surely he knows he could sink the whole ship.

This will be one of the best parts of the car.

I think we’re gonna see a joystick instead of a steering wheel. Steer by wire is already proven reliable technology. Joystick and HUD, that qualifies as spaceship to me and i can’t wait. Yup, this is gonna make ripples for sure…

No chance of a joystick. That would be a disaster because it’s a totally different steering dynamic and not NEARLY as suitable to driving a car. There’s a reason steering wheels have a relatively large radius. It’s because that is the best way to have really fine, detail level control.

Naw, the reason why steering wheels are as big as they are is so people could get enough leverage to turn a manual rack & pinion steering system.

A joystick would probably be a better interface…just ask any gamer. But the standardized steering wheel is what we all know and are familiar with and that’s how things will remain.

I would love a joystick (why do you think they call them that anyway?)- airplanes use then, and it would be one less thing to bang your knees into and one less thing to hit you in the face in an accident! I’d like some paintball machine guns in the grill too so I could decorate diesel trucks!

Right now if you bump the steering wheel from the side you can get your car to turn quite a lot – with a joystick a bump from the passenger will basically guarantee that you will leave the road. Ok, so you make it less sensitive? What about when you really need to make a quick swerve to avoid collision? Then you also have the Y axis for speed? Oh deer…

A joystick would work only in a racecar – in the hands of a specialist.

I’d be fascinated by that. But I’m a gamer.

However, that would be a bridge too far . . . it would alienate way too many people. There is no way they are going to do that.

Tesla would kill themselves if they tried to implement a joystick steering system. They need to keep things SIMPLE for the Model 3. Anyone who follows Tesla closely knows they’ve had notorious issues with their new cars. They’ve kept customers happy by providing superior service, but that won’t be sustainable when they putting ten times the number of cars on the road. The FWDs are looking like a huge mistake so far given the huge delays and now relatively common issues a lot of buyers are having with them now. If
Tesla tries to introduce too much with the Model 3 they could kill the reputation and mystique theyve built up.

They won’t do it. Tesla has been very good at integrating technology without alienating consumers. The have very aerodynamic designs but they’ve avoided aerodynamic things like rear wheel skirts that change the aesthetics too much. They went EV but with ranges long enough not to annoy people.

No way would they remove the steering wheel (unless it becomes autonomous ).

Probably an optional HUD. For $35,000 you can look to the side. Possibly bundled with advanced autopilot.

I dont think HUD will be optional

They aren’t “new” but inspite of your examples I’ve never used one. The idea that a HUD could be in an everyday car at an affordable price is new.

HUD manufacturing costs are comparable to standard screens so highly doubt it will be optional.

This is next level cool. It will have to be standard, as they’d never pass EU laws requiring certain vehicle info like speed to be in the drivers direct eye-line with the road. The widescreen panel in the center of the car wouldn’t be enough to meet the rules and Tesla know it. This is going to make the wait worthwhile. Why buy a fugly leaf or econobox Chevy Bolt, when you can have a sexy spaceship?

Is that a recent requirement? How come a car like Nissan Primera P12 is allowed on the road then?

I camped out overnight in line for 18 hours for my Model 3 reservation. If they replace the steering wheel with a joystick I will cancel my reservation.

Don’t worry about a joystick. See my above comment.

There is still room for concern / speculation, given that Musk’s own Crew Capable Dragon Spacecraft was shown with a minimalist (mostly glass) cockpit with a central joystick for the pilot:

And he did allude to the real Model 3’s control system as “Spaceship-like”…

The Joystick is at the 4:00 minute mark.

Driving sunglasses with Bluetooth HUD.


Whatever it is, I need it. I can hardly sleep until I get one.

Graphene HUD contact lenses.

Contact lenses eh?

A full-on VR system would make driving interesting. The entire car could disappear like Wonder Woman’s clear jet. Add some sensor gloves and a steering wheel is redundant.

I seriously doubt that a mass market targeted vehicle will have VR or joystick steering.

I’ve flown with a HUD before and for those that have used them, they are pretty sweet. However, there are limitations; and even further there’s always standard instrumentation in case the HUD malfunctions, overheats etc. I think this would be a great addition and simply that, an addition to standard instruments. Not everyone is going to want or like it unless it’s a revolutionary HUD with redundancy.

I drive a Subaru, and I put my phone in front of the instrument panel. I see all information like speed, traffic, directions on my phone using Waze and Google Maps. They give me indication if I am going too fast, or if I am running into a cop. I have not looked at my instrument panel, except for the gasoline gauge for the last two years. I believe an instrument panel is redundant because of smart phone apps. If I can put my phone in front of me, and have an indicator for side signals, and battery charge, that is all I need.

Cool. I think I will do that.

Can’t tell whether you are trolling or actually serious.

Why the confusion? He made a good point about the fact that a good phone app can provide very useful info not available on many car dashes. Maps, directiobs, traffic, speed traps, etc. And app makers tend to constantly update their software whereas car info systems rarely get updated.

But the car does have access to car info that the app cant get (fuel supply, turn signal feedback, engine metrics, etc.)

If Auto Data on the OBDII Ports can be sent wireless via Blu Tooth to a Phone to display in a Performance App – I am sure they will have an easy way to get the data they need to a HUD! Might even have a new Tesla App – to see how fast your car is going while you have summoned it to com across town to pick you up!

Most people would want traditional vehicle they have been used for long time. Hardly has anything been wrong with conventional gauges, doer handles and hinges.

Keep what is not broken and proven to work and replace what needs to be replaced, which is drive train with properly designed chassis for BEV.

Simple, I guess too simple and not enough geeky formula for Tesla.

Remember – this car is targeting the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, and some say – the Mercedes Benz C Series Cars! So – not meant to be a Basic Competitor – but one that ‘Wows’ – and as Elon Says – is ‘compelling!’

So – those very simple ideas will likely be left for when Elon is making his ‘Super Mass Market’ Electric Car – along about 2022 – that only costs $20,000! 🙂 The one that will need a few Gigafactories on each Continent to feed it’s production – which would likely be a target of about 3-5 million units delivered per year, or higher!

the center display would be the redundant system. If its only used if the HUD fails, then having it in the middle would be fine.

Please set up the car so it folds flat for sleeping. All seats fold down to the back window from the dash. Some of us want to be self contained. All we’ll need is a charging station. That’s guilt free freedom!

If they’re looking at that helmet technology, then what we might see is a simple, frameless plastic rectangle stuck on a bracket on top of the steering column or dash, with a microprojector beaming onto it from the rear. That’s more resistant to glare than using the windshield as a projection surface. Or, the windshield might incorporate a tinted patch for that purpose. The sheer rake of that windshield is going to be a glare magnet.

LED microprojector technology is here and it’s cheap. It’s been overshadowed by LCD screens because it’s not useful for phones.

Not having a driver information display that is dedicated to the driver is a fail imho. What if the passenger has the center display set on something odd?

An HUD is a cool compromise. It might get washed out in Texas sun though.

A display in the roofline as part of the rear view screen/mirror (but extended toward the driver) could be called an HUD.

Be interesting to see what Tesla designs.