Tesla’s Latest Easter Egg Brings Sketch Pad To Central Screen


Tesla’s latest software update includes a new Easter Egg, which is easily accessed by tapping the “T” on the central screen three times.

Three taps activates a sketch pad on the center screen in the Model S and Model X.

Rather than waiting for Tesla owners to find the Easter Egg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to explain the procedure:

Elon Musk Explains How To Activate Newest Easter Egg

Musk then later Tweeted a few examples of sketch pad “art.”

Tesla owners asked if there was a method for saving and/or sending the sketches created on the pad, but the answer was unclear. Apparently, once created, a prompt comes with two options. The prompt reads:

Are you sure you want tesla to critique your artistic masterpiece?

Your choices are:

No, the world isn’t ready for my art.


Yes, I am an artist!

Choose wisely, as apparently the sketches get sent off to Tesla in some form and somehow Musk and team are alerted of the incoming artwork.

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does the unicorn fart in a funnel to fill up the car?

+1 Tesla

+1 Tesla car owner art

Unicorn Farts and Rainbows.

Love it.

The auto world was not ready for Musk’s humor. They are still in therapy from the man who called his cars “Insane” and “Ludicrous.”

The improved Ludicrous Mode even asks you if really want this kind of ridiculous speed and gives you a choice: “No, I want my Mommy” or “Yes, Bring it On!”

This kind of humorous honesty is refreshing in the stodgy auto world.

maybe the people who developed that should have been working on something else — like the Model 3 getting to market?

iPhone integration is still a joke, and we get this toy. Amateur hour.

As if texting while driving wasn’t dangerous enough already…