Tesla’s J.B. Straubel Says Jeju Island’s Carbon-Free Future Sets Example, Confirms 400,000 Model 3 Pre-Orders


Jeju Island Info via Wikipedia

Jeju Island Info via Wikipedia

J.B. Straubel, Tesla co-founder and current chief technology officer, attended the recent 11th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity at Seogwipo on Jeju Island.

At the conference, Straubel spoke at length in regards to Jeju’s initiative to be carbon-free by 2030. Straubel called the initiative “a compelling vision” and says it’s the “same direction in which the world needs to head.”

Straubel added:

“I think there’s massive potential in this type of vision. This is going to be a massive area of growth for many different countries and many different products all around the world. And starting here could be a good way to do that.”

“This is a neat case – it can be a testbed that offers examples on a scale that can show the rest of the country and the world how to be more aggressive.”

Straubel’s time at the mic at the conference came during a session called “Revolutionary Changes EVs will Bring to Our Lives.”

At one point during Straubel’s speech, he recounted Tesla’s short history:

“We started in 2003 with just five employees,” he said, reflecting back on the rapid growth of the California-based electric car company. Five years later, the first-generation 2008 Tesla Roadster, an EV sports car, was introduced. Model X, an electric SUV, was revealed last year, and Tesla is currently working on its third-generation vehicle, the Model 3 sedan…”

Speaking of the Model 3, Straubel confirmed that Tesla “has already received 400,000 preorders.

400,000 is significantly higher than the 373,000 confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk a few weeks ago.

Source: Korea Joongang Daily

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Hoping many of the newer preorders are from Ontario. There are new incentives and it would be great if my province could become leaders in Canadian EV adoption.

Well that is kinda misleading. The title led me to believe the Island had placed 400,000 orders.

LOL! I thought the same thing. Read it that the island wanted a carbon free future and ordered 400,000 M3’s. Too early for me to be reading. Still drinking my coffee.

Carbon free future?

Have you looked around lately? Count the pick ups and big SUVs. Americans have no clue. For the most part they have waved a wand and declared that Man caused global warming is just fiction. They think the amount of CO2 one puts in the air makes no difference.

I have to ask myself: Why should I bother. If I’m the only one trying to do anything about it then it amounts to nothing….and having a low carbon footprint is not cheap.

Lately I’ve just decided to drive my V10 Ford Van more. Just let it run. If homo sapiens is hell bent on destroying itself then I have no problem helping them along.

I see what you are saying for sure but owning a used Leaf and using it for 80% of your driving is cheaper than using the V10 for 100% of your driving, after a few years that is. Even with the cost of purchasing the Leaf and insurance, electric and maintenance added in.

Keeping big truck as backup so that you can commute in Leaf kind of defeats the purpose of the Leaf. You would need to add manufacturing emissions for the second car/truck and it is not so little. And it is not cheap either, there is some maintenance cost for a car/truck even if you don’t drive it much, you will have extra depreciation and insurance costs too. That is all assuming you live on some ranch and have plenty of extra space to garage all your automotive park at all.

Nothing will really change that much in the US until the government start taxing fuel properly.

Here in the UK the tax is about 70% which makes it around $7.50 a gallon.

As you can imagine, not too many pick up & SUV’s being driven around here !

Good point.

Oh, they are still too many!! Btw I think you used imperial gallons for your price. American readers will thus get the impression gas is considerably more expensive than is actually the case. Norway used to be the world’s third largest oil exporter and have the world’s most expensive gasoline – about $9 per gallon. With the falling oil prices our currency fell a lot as well, so now we are closer to the rest of Europe. It’s currently possible to get hold of gasoline for $6.50 or so per gallon. But what we have long had that neither continental Europe nor the UK have had, is very high taxes on cars themselves. The “one-time fee” as it is so eloquently called often amounts to more than 50% of the sticker price on cars with big motors. This tax was structured to penalize weight, power and even combustion volume, while the high price of gas penalizes high consumption. It was modified to emphasize CO2 instead many years ago, but CO2 emissions of course are a direct function of the fuel consumption (it’s annoying that everyone speaks as if they’re different things, because this only adds to the confusion). Even so,… Read more »

I agree. Vancouver is full of SUV’s. Huge houses, with only a few with solar. People say they care but their lifestyle decisions are more important. Huge number of rich people here that could be making a difference at the very least on air quality but nope, so many luxury cars/SUVs on the road instead of electric. It really is sickening.

I think our only hope is when things start to go really bad that 100’s of billions (maybe trillions) will be spent on technology to pull C02 out of the atmosphere. It will have to be done at some point.

You let V10 run and spend more money fully knowing that it will damage the environment? That’s an evil a-hole thing to do. While others are clueless, you know better, and you can do better since I presume you have an EV.

As for environmental impact, again, you’re being an I-know-more-than-you a-hole. The world is not going to end because people drive SUV. If you really cared about the environment above all else, move closer to work and shops and avoid cars altogether, including public transit.

As for being more expensive to drive EV, you chose to drive expensive EV. Get a SparkEV if you want to save money (and energy, hence better for the environment). Lease is cheaper than $1500 used cars. You might even get paid instead of paying under some circumstance. It IS far cheaper to drive EV than gas cars.

I really hope you’re just trolling us. But this gives us practice creating excuses for our grandkids.
“Yeah I knew climate change was a problem but I just gave up.”
“Yeah I knew you were headed for a climate hell scape but I decided to make it worse.”
Yeah I knew the poles were going to melt but doing anything to stop it was just so darn expensive”
“Yeah I knew climate change would threaten your lives but I decided you just weren’t worth fighting for”

“Yeah, I really have this thing against polar bears, ever since I got scared by one at the local zoo, when I was little. Hate those mf’ers. ”

“Since this is very unlikely to be Base Reality, I thought I’d do everything to advance Climate Change– just to see if someone would hit the ‘reset’ button. Never happened.”

But those using ffs prices are going up and clean power, fuels are going down in price.
Oil will be back to $100/bbl in just 2yrsand lithium battery prices will be $100/kwhr in just 3yrs.
And in 5 yrs there will be many more EV producers, start ups if big auto doesn’t really start cranking them out.

If you are the one then you are giving an examle. Some of your friends will follow. And then some of their friends will follow and so on.
It’s not only about what you do but as well what you are proving to others by your actions.
If someone is talking far far away and nobody cares why should I care? But if people around me do care then maybe I should care as well.


There are now 8 electric or plug in hybrid SUVs available for sale. Eventually all SUVs and trucks will be electric.

It is like putting green lipstick on a pig. They will still be electron guzzlers, used as status symbol most of the time. You need proper taxing on garbage (carbon but not just it) disposal into atmosphere and proper taxing on fuel. Now in the US it doesn’t even fully cover road maintenance.

Model X, an electric SUV, is around 90 MPGe:


Much like Model S:


So this electric SUV sips energy like its electric brethren. Something for the incumbents to live up to, someday.

Jeju as tourist island is quite advantageous to get rid of fossil fuel. Not only will it remove stink and noise, but not having to ship in fossil fuel will be a big boon. Range isn’t an issue making EV on par with gas cars in terms of convenience.

Such isn’t true in other places, primarily due to people’s desire to drive further than battery range / outside of chargers.

There’s another island in Korea Ulleungdo that could benefit from EV. They have tour busses the size of large vans that stink of gas and noisy.

Next… Iceland……?




The aerial picture above is of a small island (Biyangdo) off the coast of the main island in the top right.

Thanks. I just knew that Jeju was larger than that.

No. That’s jeju island.

No, I found it on Google maps. It’s definitely Biyangdo, although at first I didn’t think so from the description on Wikipedia. Biyangdo is just off the north-west coast of Jeju.

Jeju is so large I can’t find a decent photograph of it except from a satellite.

Yeah, I noticed too that the island pictured is not Jeju… it’s way too small.

Oh, you guys are talking about the picture at the top. I was looking at the other picture.

Nice talk. Good forum.

For for Jeju Island itself (45 by 19 miles coast to coast), 80-mile BEVs with quick-charging should be plenty enough.

A 107-mile Leaf should be able to go round the island on a single charge, because the climate is mild and I doubt that you can go 70 MPH on these roads.

Maybe a few Model S can find their way there, for people who for some reason want to do twice round-the-island with zero stops 🙂

I am guessing that it will be mostly Soul EVs, Iconiq’s, and a few Bolts.

No Model 3s?

The 400,000 # in the article reads like a gross rounding. I don’t think it was a direct quote from JB.

Refundable reservations for less than 3% of the purchase price. Not pre-orders.