Tesla’s History In 2 Minutes – Video


Tesla's History Captured In 2-Minute Video

Tesla’s History Captured In 2-Minute Video

Of course Tesla’s entire history can not be captured in just 2 minutes, but this Bloomberg video does a remarkable job at hitting most all of the highlights:

“Tesla is a young company, but it’s already made history. Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart takes a quick look back at some of Tesla’s milestones since its founding in 2003.”

Consider this a primer if you’re unfamiliar with Tesla or a history recap video if you’re more in tune with the electric automaker.

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8 responses to "Tesla’s History In 2 Minutes – Video"
  1. James says:

    May I be the first to say this video surely doesn’t give Tesla, nor Musk enough credit for the sheer seat-of-the-pants guts and fortitude it takes to take on the whole political an industrial complex of automobiledoms heavy industry and oil and gas industries.

  2. James says:

    In two minutes, and calling the Gigafactory, just “a battery factory” are examples of a video that totally diminishes the value and sheer scope of what Musk and Tesla are doing.

    This kind of 2 minute synopsis harms rather than educates and informs, in my opinion.

  3. Will says:

    Omg why do people keep calling the Model X an SUV? IT’S NOT AN SUV. It’s a CROSSOVER!

    1. John C says:

      For the same reason they call the LEAF a compact car….

      It’s a midsize hatchback!!!

  4. Nix says:

    I’m just glad that Model S fires are now part of historical reports from years gone by, and no longer breaking news…..

  5. Stephen Hodges says:

    One wonders whether three gasoline car fires would have been included in a 2 minute history of an ICE car maker

  6. Three Electrics says:

    It’s interesting to note that Elon Musk wasn’t an original founder of Tesla. Rather, he took over in a power struggle and then retroactively won the right to call himself a founder, sort of, in the ensuing court battle.

    1. Three Electrics says:

      Not coincidentally, before Musk took over Tesla couldn’t make a car worth a damn. It was the best thing to happen to the company, by far.