Tesla’s “High Passenger-Density Urban Transport” Bus Inspired By California Custom VW Kombi


Tesla Truck Inspired By a Volkswagen

Tesla Truck Inspired By a Volkswagen

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s “high passenger-density urban transport” bus (?) has been inspired, design wise, by the California Custom Volkswagen Kombi.

Word of the “high passenger-density urban transport” bus (?) was first released last night as part of Tesla’s Master Plan Part Deux.

Journalist Dana Hull, a reporter focused mainly on Tesla, reached out to Elon Musk via Twitter asking to see a sketch of the bus. Musk wasn’t willing to provide one, but did say that the bus’ design is inspired by the “California Custom VW combi design art.”

Below are a few images of the California Custom VW Kombi:

Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen Kombi

Volkswagen Kombi

The urban transport bus (?) should be unveiled sometime next year, according to Tesla’s statement:

“In addition to consumer vehicles, there are two other types of electric vehicle needed: heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport. Both are in the early stages of development at Tesla and should be ready for unveiling next year.

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Yes, what I’ve been wanting and asking for.

I want to see the sleek aero Tesla version. It will be awesome.

Or maybe it was inspired by Olli:


Make Olli autonomous around cities and suburbs for a winner.

A concept like a Manilla Tuk Tuk that handles 6-8 people and there are thousands on the street? Where you and others commute to work in one and then it runs around generating revenue for you and picks you up at the end of the day?

The electric Jeepney is brilliant.


Unfortunately almost all of the vehicles on the Manilla roads are still of the dirtiest kinds. Manilla (and many other cities in the world) is in desperate need of these in massive numbers, they had the worst traffic pollution I’ve experienced so far (and I’ve been to a lot more than my fair share of cities and countries).

Jeepneys…are so much fun. The dismount is my favorite part.

A “westy” camper version please and thank you.

It would be ironic if Tesla sells something like an Electric VW Bus, before VW does.

The used VW microbusses from the 70’s are expensive enough, but one of those heavily windowed versions from the 60’s (those underpowered (58 hp) 6 volt versions) can sometimes fetch over $100,000.

Who’d a thunk it?

That latest VW concept microbus, with the stockbroker’s dashboard, and only half the size of the original microbus (which had a payload capacity of 1000 kg or 2200 pounds) was a real joke, even if it did have the largest battery ever made in it.

It really puts the lie to all the criticisms of the original vehicle – I’m sure the Detroit Big Three laughed at it as being hopelessly underpowered and old-fashioned.

Its so ‘worthless’ that at this relatively late date of 2016, more than a few people, including that ‘fluffy – not fat’ comic, paid over $100,000 for them.

Maybe the real inspiration was Jehu Garcia’s Electric VW 23 window Samba Bus project! Jehu is into video stuff so there are lots of videos on-line chronicling the project.

I think Tesla should focus on launching an affordable and reliable Model 3 on time instead of diverting resources to a product that would only sell in Cali.

Sweet, hopefully I will be able to buy a Tesla conversion for my old Bus (it’s a ’67). 😉

With a huge tesla T in the front instead of the vw loggo, that would look cool 🙂

So grazy but wonderful in a world full of bad News. Elon Musk is a dreamer sometimes, but al lovely one. Go ahead..Great.

In this case, his dream is a copy of someone else’s design. That must really be difficult.

Yeah. Just ask Trump’s wife. 😉