Tesla’s Global Fleet Has Now Driven Over 7.2 Billion Miles

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APR 26 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

On Earth Day, Tesla celebrated a cumulative distance of 7.2 billion miles (over 11.5 billion km) covered by its more than 300,000 electric cars (Roadster, Model S, Model X and Model 3).

Tesla’s results are impressive and we believe it to be the highest in the world for any automaker, largely due to the long range of its car and to the sheer volume the automaker has sold to date.

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At the same time, Tesla estimates that solar products generated 10.3 billion kWh of electricity.

Tesla’s Global Fleet Has Now Driven Over 7.2 Billion Miles

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10.3 billion kWh produced by Tesla solar

7.4 billion tons of CO2 saved by Tesla products

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It would be a much more impactful article if you showed a graph of the past several numbers provided and see the logarithmic with the sales of Model 3 (and S/X).

“Back in October 2016, we reported on Tesla reaching the 3 billion electric mile milestone and the company’s global fleet has managed to add 500 million in less than 3 months – bringing the total to 3.5 billion in December and another half a billion more by March 2017.

We were able to track the progress through the Tesla road trip page and Tesla confirmed that its global fleet reached over 5 billion electric miles driven last July.”

From article: “Tesla’s Global Fleet Has Now Driven Over 7.2 Billion Miles”


Not bad…