Tesla’s Gigafactory Progress Video, Estimated 1,500 Model 3 Batteries Already Produced

JUL 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Genscape, a company that tracks hundreds of industrial facilities in real-time, using proprietary monitoring, is also watching the progress of Tesla’s Gigafactory near Reno, Nevada.

Above we have embed the video with the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory from June 1, 2016 Through July 18, 2017, so it’s pretty clear indication of what has happened, and where the facility is at today.

Planet Lab’s satellite imagery of Tesla Gigafactory (source: Genscape/Planet Labs)

The big value however comes from Genscape estimations of the daily battery production and electric power consumption.

According to the graph posted below, Tesla doesn’t yet produce Model 3 batteries in a continuous fashion. Summing all the graphs together, it seems that ~1,500 packs have left the building through the first week of July.

“Genscape has the real-time answers on how effectively Tesla is executing on its ambitious goals. Using an array of patented proprietary monitoring techniques, Genscape is tracking and estimating the daily battery production at the Tesla Gigafactory that is fueling the Model 3 electric vehicle production ramp-up at Tesla’s Fremont Vehicle Plant.

In addition to monitoring battery pack production, Genscape is also measuring the ramp-up in electric power consumption by the Tesla Gigafactory as construction progresses and additional battery production lines are brought online and tested. Genscape is closely watching ongoing construction progress of the massive modular facility, via daily satellite imagery courtesy of Planet Labs, and making all the real-time information gathered from various independent monitoring sources available to its customers.”

Genscape’s weekly battery pack production estimate at the Tesla Gigafactory from January 30 to July 3, 2017 (source: Genscape)

Genscape’s average weekly power consumption estimate at the Tesla Gigafactory from May 8 to July 10, 2017 (source: Genscape)


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Looks like the gigagactory construction plan was designed by a Tetris player.

They just need one more I piece… If they get S or Z it’s game over!

Power consumption in “MegaWatts”… *lol*

“Yeah… that’s a “mega-whaaat??” — hey-oohhh!” *jabs ribs with elbow*

Hi Mikael! We chose at Genscape to label the power consumption rate in that plot as “MegaWatts”, for future comparison to the sizing of the rooftop solar panels, which have yet to be built at the Gigafactory. Feel free to multiply that value by 24 hours to get an average daily consumption in MWh, like you would see on your electric bill. Let me know if you have any other questions or thoughts!

Yes, Mikael, MW is power. The graph obviously shows average power over each full week period.
(Multiply by 168 to get MWh for the week)

It’s suppossed to have solar panels on the roof… where are they?

Building isn’t even close to finished yet and the solar cell gigafactory isn’t yet online.

That’s right! We’ve been watching the roof of the Gigafactory here at Genscape closely in order to see when they start building out those rooftop solar panels. Once they do build them, we will have to factor that in to our power estimation calculations by modeling solar generation based on panel system sizing and estimated insolation from weather models.

Think a lot of that power consumption is probably the HVAC as it has been hot…

Hi AC Cost, yes, we here at Genscape also think that a lot of the power consumption is HVAC. Our power consumption data at the Gigafactory is actually a lot more granular in time than what we published in the blog post, so we can see the cyclical daily HVAC signal. Genscape has been measuring power consumption at industrial facilities for almost 20 years, so we have developed techniques for deconvolving the HVAC signal from other signals in the power consumption data.

So am I right that the Gigafactory as of right now gets the electricity from NV Energy? Looking at their electricity generation mix they use 6% coal, 76% natural gas and 18% renewables. Not great but much less coal than that Swedish study on batteries claimed (50% coal).