Tesla’s Fremont Factory – 4K Drone Video

JUL 28 2015 BY TDILLARD 15

Tesla Homeworld in 4K

Tesla Homeworld in 4K

Right?  As an old friend used to say, “here it is, bigger’n Dallas”: the Tesla homeworld in Fremont CA from a Phantom 3 in 4K, which, if you’re not into all this video-savvy stuff, is wicked high resolution.  As we say in Boston.

’nuff talk, enjoy the footage:

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I’d rather be seeing the inside. By the way, do they give tours of the factory?

Currently tours are only for Tesla vehicle owners. It would be nice if they stepped it up and let people who own at least 10 shares get a tour as well.

I see lots of space for solar panels…

Agree. Disappointed there isn’t more installed. 😛

I only saw 1 little panel and it wasn’t even on a roof.

This American Life recently ran an updated story about the NUMMI plant. It was kinda disappointing that Tesla only got mentioned in a single sentence at the very end.

Was the show’s Producer, Mormon and / or Republican? 😉

I knew the NUMMI / Fremont plant was big, but there’s nothing like actually seeing it!

“Impressive. Most impressive.” — Darth Vader

I wonder what the diagonal structures in closely spaced rows are?

@0:48, it shows a lot of Model S in the parking lot. Are those finished car or employee cars? Or test mules?

Foil wrapped for transportation. But there in the right corner is one white with it’s complete back wrapped in foil and from the form, it’s not a Model S.

Am I the only one wondering why the morbid, somber music on these 4K drone videos of the Gigafactory or Fremont?

I’d rather hear the drone motor sound than that – naturally, I just turn off the sound. But it makes me think – What’s the deal?

Since GM and most likely other car companies have spy departments analyzing Tesla’s every move ( only GM admits to it ), perhaps this is how they feel about the electric manifest destiny to come when their replacement parts/service/high margin world of the infernally combusted engine collapses into the ground…

“replacement parts/service/high margin world”

Actually, automakers don’t make any money on “service” at all. Dealers do.

During warranty service period, automakers actually lose a lot of money.

Sure, parts business is very profitable. But there are non-OEM suppliers out there who compete in the same market. For in-warranty services, automakers still loses money on that. Dealers benefit from them the most.

Actually the substantial maintenance requirements of ICE vehicles are profitable for automakers as it provides a source of income for their retailers other than a chunk of the revenue from car sales, leaving more money for the manufacturer.

That’s why low maintenance EVs need a lower cost retail system rather than the mandatory franchise dealer system and that’s why Tesla’s competitors (most vocally GM)are so eager to bar Tesla from direct sales. Forcing Tesla into a retail system that doesn’t fit its product is a great way to undermine it.

You have a valid point. But the owners don’t have to take to dealers for serices at all. They are subject to the same competition from non-branded dealers. Sure, the industry as a whole throws few bones to the retails but in general, the service revenue can be easily take up by indpendent shops that focus on brake service, oil services or general repairs…

Sure is funny how Elon want me to save the world by leasing his solar panels but there are none on his roof wtf.