Tesla’s First 400 kWh Of Free Supercharging For Model S & X Ends

NOV 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 24

Say goodbye to the free 400 kWh of Supercharging.

Tesla completed the transition from fully free Supercharging for long-distance travel in the Model S and Model X cars to a fully paid business model.

Initially, S/X cars were sold with a promise to be able to free Supercharge forever and cars sold then still can use Superchargers for free. In 2017, Tesla highly limited the free Supercharging of newly-sold cars in the U.S. (and later also in Europe) by offering new S/X with just 400 kWh free credit annually. Depending on versions, it was at least 5 full charges or up to around 10 partial recharges.

According to the latest news, cars sold on November 2, 2018 and on don’t get any free Supercharging credit, so 100% of the recharges are paid (at least if the owner does not receive some promotion like the 6-months of free Supercharging from the referral program).

From Tesla’s site:

My Tesla includes 400kWh of credits annually—how do those work?
Certain Model S and X vehicles sold before November 2, 2018 include annual Supercharger credits of 400kWh, or roughly 1,000 miles. For usage above the complimentary annual credits, a small fee applies to Supercharge. Credits replenish automatically on the anniversary of your delivery or known ownership transfer. Unused credits do not rollover to the next year and you can view your vehicle’s Supercharger credit status by logging into your Tesla Account.

Tesla Model 3 from the start was sold without any free Supercharging, so now all three models are equal in this regard.

The cost of charging is comparable to electricity costs, which is still less than in the case of other fast charging networks. In California it’s $0.26/kWh. Depending on state or country, the amount varies and is calculated per kWh or minute (if a particular market causes issues with how electricity is sold).

Source: Tesla via Electrek

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24 Comments on "Tesla’s First 400 kWh Of Free Supercharging For Model S & X Ends"

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travel in the Model S and Model X cars to a ully paid business model.

What is ully ? 🙂

Also, “Califor,nia” should be “California,”

That’s what it will be if California gets split into two different states, as some people want.


I bought a Model S yesterday, as my my lease is up. No supercharged options , just the 6 months with the referral, which is nothing.

You’ll survive…somehow.

Didn’t realize the Model 3 never got any free supercharging at all.
I think Tesla’s making a (minor, to be sure) mistake eliminating the free 400kWh — it’s just the thing to get first-time BEV owners to try DCFC initially and see that their BEVs can indeed be used for long-distance trips. This is particularly relevant for Teslas, which are all long range.

I’m sure some got free charging (6 mo) through the referral program.

“Ends”…For now, it’ll come back the end of the quarter…

Good. Turn the supercharging network into a revenue stream. Or at least self-sustaining. This is good news for the long-term viability of the network and the company.

It’s been a revenue stream for quite a while (even if so far Tesla doesn’t want it to be a significant profit source, just a driver of sales).
The actual value of 400kWh isn’t that large.
Most EV makers give their customers some kind of free fast-charging subscription, even a basic one — think of it like the starter ink cartridges included when you buy a printer.

400kWh is 10 hours of charging on the evgo Chademo network, and they bill at 15c/minute so that’s taking away a notionally $9/mo benefit.

400 kWh costs between $50 and $100. Yawn. Interesting that they chose to remove that benefit instead of reducing it to 200 or 100 kWh.

Those benefits will come back in December. Tesla always does that near the end of the qtr to push for some final minutes sales.

Buyers really “fall for those small incentives”.

Really, for someone who is buying $100K car, a couple hundreds of free charging shouldn’t make a difference. But it does eliminate those “car sharing” services such as Tesloop to abuse the free supercharging.

So if you buy a 2017 Model S or X does the new 2nd owner still get the free charging? If so, this would make a used model even more attractive.

I think so. Free supercharging went with the car, not the owner.

But only valuable if you don’t charge at home (rare for people buying expensive EVs) or do a lot of road trips.

Great. Now add CCS plugs and allow others at a premium. Make it a profit center.

this will help clear supercharger sites from apartment dwelling leeches with no in home charging.

Wow $0.26/kWh that is a lot!
Here in Quebec we pay 5,91 ¢/kWh for the first 36KWh per day, then we pay 9,12 ¢/kWh for the additional KWh

I don’t know of anywhere with cheaper electricity than Quebec. In Germany about 0.27€/kWh is normal! That said, it’s still only about half the price per km to charge my PHEV than it is to run it on gas…

Give it 2 weeks and they will bring back unlimited free supercharging with referral.

I seem to remember Tesla saying when they started the supercharger program that the energy would all come from renewables like wind and solar, so the marginal cost of a kWh would be close to zero, allowing them to offer it for free in perpetuity. I totally get putting a price on it, if only to cover installation costs, setting the price at the local power rate makes me wonder: Did Tesla ever actually implement the whole Supercharger-that-feeds-itself model anywhere?

Tesla has said a lot of things that never came to fruition

400KW is hardly any amount of money. Seems kind of nickle and dime at this point. @ 12 cent that’s 48 dollars.